Are there disability benefits for people with Parkinsons disease in Canada?

Are there disability benefits for people with Parkinsons disease in Canada?

Eventually, those with Parkinson’s may find it very difficult to carry out even the simplest of routine tasks. The national and provincial governments of Canada recognize just how serious this condition can be. That is why disability benefits for Canadians extend to Parkinson’s patients and those caring for them.

Is it possible to travel with Parkinson’s disease?

The difficulties of Parkinson’s disease don’t have to interfere with traveling, which should be an enjoyable experience and not limited or avoided because of the disease. But planning ahead is key to avoid these difficulties. The following guidelines should help to make your next trip anxiety -free.

When was the first Canadian guideline for Parkinson Disease published?

The first Canadian guideline on Parkinson disease was published in 2012. 2 Since that guideline, there have been substantial advances in the literature on the disease, particularly with respect to diagnostic criteria and treatment options.

Do you need to courier documents to Parkinson Canada?

Applicants do not need to courier any documents to Parkinson Canada; however, we ask that you keep the original signed documents which may be requested in the event that your application is successful in the competition.

Are there more people with Parkinson’s disease in Canada?

Parkinsonism, including Parkinson’s disease, can have significant impacts for those affected, their caregivers, and society. With a growing and aging population, it is estimated that the number of Canadians living with parkinsonism will double between 2011 and 2031 and that the incidence will increase by 50%.1

Can a person with Parkinson’s disease go on a trip?

Article written by Karl Robb. Whether you are considering an awe-inspiring trip to the Grand Canyon or a weekend getaway to the mountains, the thought of managing Parkinson’s disease and some of the bothersome issues that can crop up while away might be enough to make you stay home. But that is one of the last things you want to do.

How to get on an airplane with Parkinsons Disease?

Use airport shuttles, or ask for a wheelchair if your gate is a far distance. Ask for early seating for a few extra minutes to board and get comfortable. Use the bathroom before you get on the plane. Airplane bathrooms are often small and not handicapped-accessible. If you are on a restricted diet, request a special meal in advance.

What should I carry if I have Parkinson’s disease?

Place the names of your doctor, insurance company, emergency contact, and medications in your wallet or purse. Carry identification stating that you have Parkinson’s disease. Use a “fanny” pack or backpack so that you have both hands free to balance as you walk, especially if walking any distance.