Can an employer fire you for being bipolar?

Can an employer fire you for being bipolar?

Your Rights Under the ADA Bipolar disorder is one of the many conditions covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This law is designed to protect people with disabilities from discrimination in hiring, job assignments, promotions, pay, firing, benefits, layoffs, and all other employment-related activities.

How does bipolar affect employment?

The evidence indicates that a majority of patients with bipolar disorder are not employed and many others are employed only part time. Job-related difficulties are common, and patients with bipolar disorder tend to have higher rates of absenteeism from work compared with working individuals without bipolar disorder.

What do people with bipolar disorder do when they are down?

When you’re down you watch “America’s Most Wanted” and cry out: “Why does nobody want me?” 15. Your depressive spells make you forgetful, which is a shame because if you thought about your manic stages it might cheer you up. 16. You wonder how someone who feels so empty can put on so much weight.

How to tell if someone has bipolar disorder?

25 Things Only Someone with Bipolar Disorder Would Understand 1 You can tell when you had a manic episode by looking at your credit card bill. 2 Even though you live on your own, it often feels like you’re waking up with a stranger. 3 You have so many racing thoughts you should be a NASCAR analyst. 4 You don’t suffer from a sense…

How old do you have to be to have bipolar disorder?

Dr. Kirschner says bipolar disorder “usually starts in young adulthood from age 18 through early twenties. Up until that point, the person appears to be pretty normal, but it’s like a ticking bomb.”

Can a person with bipolar disorder keep their job?

A diagnosis of bipolar disorder doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t keep your job. Plenty of people with bipolar disorder work and live normal lives. Should I Tell my Boss About my Bipolar Disorder? You don’t have to talk to your boss or coworkers about your bipolar disorder. Your health is your personal, private business.

How does bipolar disorder affect your ability to work?

A bipolar disorder diagnosis can have a big effect on your job and career. In a survey of people with depression and bipolar disorder conducted by the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, 88% said their condition affected their ability to work.

Why do some people treat people with bipolar disorder unfairly?

Unfortunately, you may still run into people at work who treat you unfairly because of your bipolar disorder. Often, their behavior stems from ignorance. They might see you as “crazy” or think your condition is “all in your head.”. You might be able to head off problems by teaching people a little about bipolar disorder.

Do you need to take time off for bipolar disorder?

If you do need to take time off because of your bipolar disorder, see if your employer has disability insurance, or look into Social Security Disability Insurance, which will provide some income while you recover. You can also look into the Family and Medical Leave Act.