Can high CK levels cause pain?

Can high CK levels cause pain?

In this case, when CK is elevated, a CK-MB test may be used as a follow-up test to determine whether the increase is due to heart damage or skeletal muscle damage. Chest pain and increased CK levels plus elevated CK-MB indicate that it is likely that a person has recently had a heart attack.

How to diagnose muscle pain with elevated CPK?

Elevated CPK and Other Diagnostic Clues to Muscle Pain. After simple blood tests are done, others pieces to the diagnostic puzzle of muscle pain with high CPK are needed. The next level of diagnostic clues can be provided by electromyography and a muscle biopsy. Electromygraphy (EMG) examines the electrical active of the muscles.

Is the CK level in corticosteroid induced myopathy normal?

Myalgia is mild if present at all. Serum CK levels in chronic corticosteroid myopathy are generally normal; if elevated, another type of myopathy should be considered. Urinary excretion of creatine and 3-methylhistidine is increased. EMG studies are often normal, but decreased compound muscle action potentials may be found.

What causes elevated CK in minimally symptomatic patients?

NONNEUROMUSCULAR CAUSES NEED TO BE INVESTIGATED Asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic elevated CK can be due to a primary neuromuscular disease or a variety of nonneuromuscular causes.

Are there any medications that can cause CK elevation?

Prescription drugs and supplements are an important and common cause of CK elevation, so it is important to carefully review medications the patient is taking. Statins can cause myalgia, muscle weakness, and rhabdomyolysis. Up to 5% of users develop CK elevation, typically 2 to 10 times the upper limit of normal.

Can a high creatine kinase level cause myopathy?

None of these four patients had an elevated creatine kinase level at any time during statin treatment. The authors conclude that although the incidence of statin-induced serious muscle toxicity is very low, pathologic evidence of myopathy may be present among patients with adverse muscle symptoms even when creatine kinase levels are normal.

Can a high CK level indicate a muscle disorder?

Therefore, a high CK level often suggests that the muscles themselves are the likely cause of the weakness, but it doesn’t tell exactly what the muscle disorder might be. To determine which disorder is causing CK elevation, a doctor may order a muscle biopsy, the surgical removal of a small sample of muscle from the patient.

What are the symptoms of an elevated CPK?

Painful conditions associated with an elevated CPK include sickle cell disease and polymyositis. Besides pain, other symptoms might provide diagnostic clues like muscle weakness which typical in polymyositis. If anemia is present, then sickle cell disease is more likely.

What are the symptoms of elevated creatine kinase?

Elevated creatine kinase may accompany symptoms that are related to other body systems including: Confusion or loss of consciousness, even for a brief moment Garbled or slurred speech Loss of vision or vision changes