How can a doctor tell if you have an enlarged liver?

How can a doctor tell if you have an enlarged liver?

A doctor can diagnose an enlarged liver with a physical examination and imaging tests, such as such as CT scan, ultrasound or MRI. The doctor will likely need to order some blood tests to determine what is causing the liver enlargement.

What to expect when getting an ultrasound of Your Liver?

Abdominal ultrasounds are commonly used to evaluate the condition of the: Although a liver ultrasound is intended to identify liver conditions specifically, an abdominal ultrasound in general can diagnose a variety of abdominal organ conditions, such as:

How is liver size measured on a CT scan?

Assessment of liver size is commonly made on ultrasound or CT, although gross hepatomegaly may be apparent on abdominal radiograph. In practice, however, assessment is often subjective.

Can a swollen liver be a symptom of anything?

An enlarged liver (hepatomegaly) is swollen beyond its normal size for any reason. An enlarged liver is a symptom of an underlying problem, but is not a disease itself. An enlarged liver may occur along with other symptoms, depending on the underlying disease that is causing it.

Why would you need a liver ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a good way to image the liver for problems without using x-rays. Things that ultrasound picks up include gall bladder problems, masses in the liver, fluid around the liver, and problems with blood flow. It is most commonly used for problems with the gall bladder and biliary tree .

What are the symptoms for enlarged liver?

Depending on the cause of your enlarged liver, you may notice symptoms like: A feeling of fullness. Discomfort in your belly. Yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice) Fatigue and weakness. Nausea.

What is the purpose of liver ultrasound?

Here’s what to expect during your liver ultrasound. A liver ultrasound — also referred to as an abdominal ultrasound — is a safe, noninvasive procedure that doctors use to diagnose enlargement or pain in the liver, kidneys, pancreas and surrounding organs.

Will ultrasound show liver cancer?

Thus, an ultrasound can detect a liver cancer when aided by other diagnostic tests. Computed Tomography (CT): It forms a three dimensional image of the part of the body under inspection with views and cross sections from different angles, which is used to detect any abnormality/cancer.