How can I help someone with a problem?

How can I help someone with a problem?

Remember the journey to accepting there is a problem is theirs alone. Though you can help prep the ground, by having discussions and listening with an open heart, by setting clear boundaries, by offering information when appropriate. For anyone who’s been in this position, you’re aware it takes more than one conversation. It takes many.

What to do when someone doesn’t want help?

It can be really frustrating, and make you feel helpless, if a friend won’t let you help them. Talk through how you’re feeling with someone you trust. Set boundaries. You’re not going to be able to be there for someone at every moment of every day. Set some limits on things you’re willing and not willing to do – and stick to them!

What does it mean when someone won’t help themselves?

We can stop judging people, assuming that they are not helping themselves. Perhaps the helplessness is the sign of their being out of their comfort zone.

When to seek help for someone in need?

While, in most circumstances, it’s a good idea to give a friend time to come around to the idea of seeking help, if you think someone is in danger or is at risk as a result of what’s going on, it’s important that you seek help immediately.

How to stop people trying to help me?

If the person is mentally and emotionally healthy they WILL NOT VOLUNTEER to rewrite your resume, call their brother-in-law whose hiring etc. They will do exactly what you asked for help with….and then back off, knowing if you want MORE help, you’ll ASK.

Why do some people not want to accept help?

The reasons why some people reject any help are part of an underlying problem. Although they are suffering and need others to help them, they have a hard time leaning on someone else. This may be because of some unconscious mental block. Or it could simply be because they have difficulty recognizing that they need to change.

Why do people want to fix other people?

We’re confident that healing every sore spot we see is not only natural and enjoyable, but it’s the main reason we were put on this planet. When you carry the Nurturer Gene, fixing other people can easily become a destructive self-identity.

When is it wrong to help someone else?

If, by helping someone else financially, we are unable to take care of our own debts and responsibilities, then we are not doing right in our efforts to help. There are many ways people can take advantage of others.