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How do I draw a circle around an image in Python?

How do I draw a circle around an image in Python?

Then, we need to read the image in which we want to draw some circles. To do it, we simple need to use the imread function, passing as input the path of the image in the file system. Now, to draw a circle on the image, we simply need to call the circle function of the cv2 module.

How do I draw a circle in OpenCV?

OpenCV – Drawing a Circlemat A Mat object representing the image on which the circle is to be drawn.point A Point object representing the center of the circle.radius A variable of the type integer representing the radius of the circle.scalar A Scalar object representing the color of the circle. (

What is cv2 circle?

OpenCV-Python is a library of Python bindings designed to solve computer vision problems. cv2. circle() method is used to draw a circle on any image. color: It is the color of border line of circle to be drawn. For BGR, we pass a tuple.

How do we open an image in OpenCV?

In order to load an image off of disk and display it using OpenCV, you first need to call the cv2. imread function, passing in the path to your image as the sole argument. Then, a call to cv2. imshow will display your image on your screen.

What is waitKey?

waitKey() is a keyboard binding function. Its argument is the time in milliseconds. The function waits for specified milliseconds for any keyboard event. If you press any key in that time, the program continues. If 0 is passed, it waits indefinitely for a key stroke.

What does waitKey return?

The opencv documentation says that waitKey() returns an int. This is supposed to be the ASCII value of the key pressed. But most tutorials online use the following code which compiles and runs fine.