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How do I get a family doctor in Peterborough?

How do I get a family doctor in Peterborough?

The form can be found by visiting www.peterboroughfht.com/need-a-doctor. Residents who do not have access to the Internet can call one of the following clinics, based on where they live: Residents of Peterborough City, please call the Peterborough Virtual Care Clinic at 705-536-0882.

Is there a shortage of family doctors in Canada?

It’s not surprising then that some 6.6 per cent of Canadians reported being unable to find a family doctor in 2010. Canada’s physicians are unable to meet the demand for health care services because there are simply too few of them.

How many doctors are in Ontario?

Number of family medicine and general practice physicians in Canada as of 2019, by province*

Characteristic Number of physicians
Ontario 14,962
Quebec 10,909
British Columbia 6,366
Alberta 5,758

How do you take care of a new doctor?

Here are five tips for choosing a new primary care physician:

  1. Determine Which Doctors Are “In-Network”
  2. Find a Doctor with Expertise that Meets Your Health Needs.
  3. Ask for Referrals.
  4. Think About Logistics.
  5. Visit the Doctor.

Is there a shortage of doctors in Victoria BC?

For years, the shortage of family doctors in Greater Victoria – and other B.C. cities – has plagued residents and health officials. As the spread of COVID-19 continues, experts say now is the time to think outside the box when it comes to primary health care.

Do you need a family doctor in Peterborough?

A family doctor is part of your medical home. They provide you with the care you need when you need it. Do you need a family doctor? Register with Health Care Connect today! Health Care Connect is a provincial wait list connecting orphaned patients to family doctor.

What kind of Doctor is a family doctor?

As a family doctor, she provides primary care to patients. Rather than being a specialist, she provides general care, specifically in taking care of a family’s health care. As such, […] As a family doctor, he provides primary care to patients.

Where is Monadnock Community Hospital in Peterborough located?

Family health services, programs, and education are an important part of Primary Care at Monadnock Community Hospital. Today many patients from Peterborough and the surrounding towns are treated by primary care providers and nurse practitioners located at the hospital and its satellite practices located in Antrim, Jaffrey, New Ipswich and Rindge.

Which is the best family doctor in Airdrie?

As a dedicated pediatrician, he diagnoses, treats, and helps in the prevention of injuries and diseases among infants, children and adolescents. As such, he performs thorough examinations on newborns as […] As a family doctor, she provides primary care to patients.