How do you live with an autistic wife?

How do you live with an autistic wife?

Here are a few other tips for coping with having a spouse on the autism spectrum:

  1. Communicate your needs directly.
  2. When you do communicate, try not to show much emotion.
  3. Understand that your other half is more likely than most to become obsessive about a hobby.

How is the family of a person with autism affected?

Having a child with Autism the impact on various aspects of family lives are affected including housekeeping, finances, emotional and mental health of parents, marital relationships, physical health of family members, limiting the response to the needs of other children within the family, poor sibling relationships.

How did I feel when my son was diagnosed with autism?

When my 4-year-old son was diagnosed with autism, I fell into an abyss of depression from which I thought I’d never escape. Darkness and despair engulfed me, and it seemed unlikely that I would ever smile, laugh, or feel unburdened again.

Why do people with autism struggle to fit into society?

That’s the conclusion of a new study that suggests that even individuals with normal intelligence and language abilities struggle to fit into society because of their social and communication problems.

When is a neurotypical woman married to a man with autism?

When a neurotypical woman is married to a man who has the behaviors associated with autism spectrum (ASD), several things typically occur. Over the course of her marriage, she experiences herself as gradually disappearing. In the place of her former self emerges a person she barely recognizes. She is so lonely. So hurt. So … angry.

Can a couples therapist help someone with autism?

Author’s note: A caveat before we get into the substance of this article: couples counseling with a skilled therapist can greatly help couples in which one partner has the symptoms or diagnosis of autism spectrum (ASD)/high-functioning autism.