How does co parenting with a narcissist work?

How does co parenting with a narcissist work?

The guardian becomes familiar with your child and their situation and makes recommendations to the court based on their needs. With regard to co-parenting, this might include things like where your child will spend most of their time or how much contact a child should have with either parent.

When to consider parallel parenting with a narcissist?

When all else fails, you may want to consider parallel parenting, which isn’t the same thing as co-parenting. This type of arrangement allows you to stop having contact with your ex as much as possible. In especially toxic situations, parallel parenting allows each parent to parent the way they choose when the child is in their custody.

Can a child be raised by a narcissist?

The most unfortunate part of all is that being raised by a narcissistic parent is tough on children. Really tough. A narcissistic parent is a system gone wrong. Instead of a parent putting the needs of the children before their own, the child is groomed to take care of the needs of the narcissist parent.

Can you talk on the phone with a narcissist?

If you can, talk through email because co-parenting with a narcissist can damage your emotions. Emails cannot show emotions as well as talking on the phone. Narcissists feed off emotions, and without that, the playing field is a bit fairer. Even texting can cause issues sometimes.

How can I co-parent with my narcissistic ex?

  • Keep your distance and avoid conflict. Avoid your narcissist ex whenever possible and ignore their cruel remarks.
  • interactions (text or email is best).
  • finely-tuned schedule.
  • Choose Your Battles.
  • Rise Above.

    Can You co-parent with a narcissistic ex?

    Coparenting with a narcissist ex is exponentially more difficult-disorienting, divisive, maddening, and at times cause for feelings of black anger and despair . It is painful, perhaps incomprehensible, but your narcissist ex will never love your children the way you do.

    How do you deal with a narcissistic father?

    5 Ways To Deal With A Narcissistic Parent 1. Recognize that their behavior is abnormal, not merely “difficult.” 2. Set firm boundaries. 3. Don’t let yourself be gaslighted. 4. Realize that friends may not understand your situation. 5. Accept that you may have to cut ties and move on.