How long do you have to take Lupron for cancer?

How long do you have to take Lupron for cancer?

This after having 2 PSA scores last year between 4 and 7. The cancer has not spread to the bones. I have received two Lupron injections 3 months apart and will complete 28 radiation treatments in the next couple of days.

How long does a PSA test take after Lupron?

My first PSA test after completing radiation won’t be scheduled for 3 months. From researching Lupron, it appears that this is used for advanced stages of prostate cancer. From what I was led to believe, I was not advanced. My question: How long and how many Lupron shots might I need to go through?

Is there a link between Lupron and prostate cancer?

Moreover, Lupron also can contribute to longer term health problems, including coronary issues. Much depends on the health on the individual patient. As always with prostate cancer it seems, hormone deprivation therapy comes with its own series of trade-offs that make clearcut decisions difficult.

How long has my dad been on Lupron?

My dad was diagnosed last year and had since been on the lupron. After the first shot, his psa dropped significantly and after the second or 3rd, it was already zero and had been zero since.

How does Lupron work to manage prostate cancer?

Lupron is a type of hormone therapy for prostate cancer. It works by lowering the amount of testosterone in a person’s body, which helps slow the growth of cancer cells. Doctors often prescribe hormone therapies in combination with radiation therapy or following surgery.

What is the safest treatment for prostate cancer?

Zinc is a mineral that is considered to be the most helpful natural cure for prostate. It is a mineral that is very important in treating prostate cancer and can be taken in the form of oysters, sunflower seeds, clams, pumpkin seeds, oatmeal, lamb chops and wheat germ.

Does Lupron shrink the prostate?

For Prostate Cancer “From the urologist, Lupron is a hormone to shrink the prostate prior to the x-ray treatments for cancer. I have lived with BPH for several years, and it did not shrink the prostate in my opinion. Subsequently, I learned from the Oncologist it was for lowering the PSA. and it did lower the PSA.

Does Lupron kill cancer cells?

But it’s proven that Lupron reduces PSA, kills some cancer cells, makes cancer cells more vulnerable to radiation, and shrinks the prostate — all good things. It’s probably worth a try. The predictive nomograms seem to think there’s about a 50-50 chance that my cancer has breached the wall of the prostate.