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How long is the train ride from Beijing to Shanghai?

How long is the train ride from Beijing to Shanghai?

4 hours 18 minutes
Between Beijing & Shanghai, the train is the way to go. Choose between the World’s Fastest Passenger Train, a 350 km/h (217 mph) high-speed train taking as little as 4 hours 18 minutes or a time-effective 250 km/h (156 mph) express sleeper train which saves a hotel bill. Either way, it’s a unique Chinese experience.

How do I get from Beijing to Shanghai?

If you’re looking to go from Shanghai to Beijing, there are 42 G trains and 3 D ones departing every day. G trains depart between 06:26 am, and 7:00 pm, and voyages take between 4 hours 18 minutes and 6 hours 20 minutes.

How much is the train from Beijing to Shanghai?

Beijing – Shanghai Bullet Train Ticket Prices

Train Types Seat Classes Price
G trains Business class seat 1,748 CNY (US$266)
1st class seat 933 CNY (US$142)
2nd class seat 553 CNY (US$84)
Overnight D trains Soft sleeper (four berths in a private compartment) 740 CNY (US$110)

Is the Great Wall of China closer to Beijing or Shanghai?

The Great Wall is about 1,300 kilometers (800 miles) away from downtown Shanghai. As swift and convenient transportation is available, the two places are not as far apart as they seem. If you are already in or plan to be in Shanghai, it is possible to visit one section of the Great Wall in Beijing within 1 or 2 days.

Which city is better Shanghai or Beijing?

Both Beijing and Shanghai are international cities. There are all kinds of day activities and night life in these two cities. Beijing is a good place to learn about Chinese history and culture, while Shanghai is a good city for understanding China’s fast development.

Is Shanghai more expensive than Beijing?

Shanghai is 24% more expensive than Beijing.

Can you see the Great Wall of China in Shanghai?

To visit the Chinese Great Wall from Shanghai, you should take a flight or train to Beijing first. The wall is around 700 miles (1,127 kilometers) via air and 800 to 900 miles (1,287 to 1,448 kilometers) via train. After, take a city transport or train to arrive.

Why is Shanghai better than Beijing?

Beijing is the political and cultural center of China. And Beijing is also the capital of China, while Shanghai is the business center of China. Beijing is famous for its rich historical sites, such as Forbidden City, Great Wall while Shanghai is well known for its modern cityscapes and skyscraper night views.