How many mg of lithium is needed for bipolar disorder?

How many mg of lithium is needed for bipolar disorder?

A typical prescription for bipolar disorder might be written as 900 mg of lithium per day but that’s 900 mg of lithium-carbonate not 900 mg of lithium, it contains 170 mg of actual lithium attached to 730 mg of carbonate.

How often should I take lithium orotate for depression?

4.6 mg is sufficiently close enough to 5 mg so I prescribe both interchangeably in my clinic. For general brain health maintenance I typically recommend just 1 mg of lithium (from lithium orotate) about a quarter tablet once a day.

What are the dosages of lithium carbonate tablets?

DOSAGE FORMS & STRENGTHS. Each 300 mg tablet for oral administration contains: lithium carbonate 300 mg and is white to off-white, circular, biconvex, uncoated tablet debossed with “430” on one side and break line on other side.

What’s the low dose of lithium I can take?

The very low dose I use to maintain general brain health of just 2.5 mg of lithium from orotate (a 1/2 tablet) is a minuscule 0.68 % or 1/148 th of the lower standard psychiatric dose of 170mg!

How long has lithium been used for bipolar disorder?

Lithium has been the treatment of choice for patients with bipolar disorder (BD) for nearly 70 years. It is recommended by all relevant guidelines as a first-line treatment for maintenance therapy. In this review, we outline the current state of evidence for lithium in the treatment of BD over the lifespan.

Which is better Lithobid or Eskalith for bipolar?

Lithobid and eskalith are the extended released versions, and they’re going to cut most of the side effects in half so they’re better tolerated overall. However, if the patient has constipation, that often improves with the instant release, whereas diarrhea and nausea tend to improve with the controlled release.

What are the effects of lithium on manic patients?

-Patients in the manic phase are better able to tolerate lithium; tolerance to lithium decreases when manic symptoms subside. -Mania is characterized by pressure of speech, motor hyperactivity, reduced sleep requirements, flight of ideas, grandiosity, elation, poor judgment, aggressiveness, and/or hostility.

What should my lithium level be for depression?

The target level for lithium is 0.6, to 0.8 for depression as well as for the maintenance phase. You want to keep it in that sweet spot. If the patient has active mania, you should go up to 0.8 to 1.2. But you might want to bring it down after they’ve recovered, again to save the kidneys.