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How much diesel does a 30kw generator use?

How much diesel does a 30kw generator use?

Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption Chart

Generator Size (kW) 50 Percent Load 75 Percent Load
30 1.80 gal/hr 2.40 gal/hr
40 2.30 gal/hr 3.20 gal/hr
60 2.90 gal/hr 3.80 gal/hr
75 3.40 gal/hr 4.60 gal/hr

What is the most fuel efficient diesel generator?

4 Best Portable Diesel Generators That Are Fuel Efficient & Quiet

Generator Rated Wattage Fuel Tank
Generac XD5000E 5000W 12 GAL
Durostar DS7000Q 5500W 3.83 GAL
Gilette GEN-PRO GPED-65EK 5000W 4.0 GAL
Pulsar PG7000D 5500W 4 GAL

How much power can a diesel generator produce?

Depending on load factor (BSFC) and cost of fuel, a diesel generator will make power in the range of $1 to $40 per kWhr. Maximum power is limited to 15 kW. A solar system’s capacity factor is about 12%; therefore, a 100 kW system must be purchased to produce an average of 12 kW.

How many kWh is a Litre of diesel?

10 kWh
One litre of diesel fuel (auto) has an energy content of approximately 38 MJ – which approximates to 10 kWh (using a ballpark figure) but the efficiency of conversion into kinetic energy is only about 30% – that is better than petrol which is typically 25% depending on the design.

How much fuel does a 50 kVA generator use?

3 engine & 50 Hz A-Frame Standard alternator….Cat DE50GC 50 kVA Generator.

Standby Power Rating 50 kVA / 40 kW
Base Fuel Tank Capacity 103 Litres
Fuel Consumption 11.7 litres per hour (at 100% load)

Which diesel generator is best for home?

Best Diesel Generator in India

S.No Silent Diesel Generator Brands
1 Honda generators
2 Mitsubishi generators
3 Yamaha generators
4 Bajaj generators

Are diesel generator AC or DC?

The diesel generator is coupled to the AC–bar of the system (AC–generator). As it is to be expected that most of the diesel generator production will be stored into the batteries, a diesel generator is used that is coupled to the DC–bar of the system (DC–generator).

How much diesel does a kW generator use per hour?

To give you an idea of consumption for the diesel generator, a 20 kilowatt unit will use about 1.6 gallons per hour running a full load. A 30 kilowatt unit will use about 2.9 gallons per hour also running a full load.