How often do you have outbreaks on Valtrex?

How often do you have outbreaks on Valtrex?

For treatment of genital herpes, recurrent outbreaks: Adults—500 milligrams (mg) two times a day for three days. Children—Use and dose must be determined by your doctor.

How do you know if Valtrex is working?

Valacyclovir usually starts treating herpes symptoms as soon as it’s in your system, but can take several days to produce a noticeable improvement. It can take up to 10 days (or, in some cases, even longer) for herpes blisters to heal even with valacyclovir treatment.

How often should you take Valtrex for herpes simplex?

“Herpes is not a one size fits all issue so find your pattern and stick to it! I take Valtrex but I also implemented taking lysine because Valtrex alone was not getting the job done. I take 1 Valtrex every other day for suppressing and 2 lysine every other day….found that this patterns kept outbreaks away.” Was this helpful? Yes No

Are there any side affects to taking Valtrex?

I just started taking Valtrex regardless of never having outbreaks because I want to live a normal life and reduce the risk of passing it to anyone else. So far so good, I’m just hoping it doesn’t trigger me to have outbreaks now that I have started suppressive therapy. No noticeable side affects after the first few days of use.

Is the Valtrex virus a life saver?

But valtrex is really a life saver, after 3 days my symptoms started to disappear. Reading you guys’ messages brings me to tears. It lets me know that I’m not alone and my life isn’t over. This virus doesn’t define us!! We are just as worthy, just as beautiful as we were before all this. Sending you guys all my love and support.” Was this helpful?

What to do when taking valacyclovir for herpes?

Wearing loose clothing may help prevent a shingles rash from becoming irritated. If you are taking valacyclovir for genital herpes or cold sores avoid sexual contact until you have finished the course of treatment. At other times, always use a condom, because herpes can be transmitted in the absence of symptoms.

How quickly does Valtrex take full effect?

How Long Does It Take for Valtrex to Work? Symptom relief typically takes just 2 to 3 days . Fever blisters normally go away a week after treatment. Can You Take Other Medications with Valtrex? If you are taking any other medications, inform your doctor. They’ll be able to assess whether the two different meds are compatible.

How long does it take for Valtrex to work on a cold sore?

Valacyclovir (Valtrex) for Cold Sores. For cold sores, valacyclovir is usually taken in two large doses of 2,000 mg, split 12 hours apart from each other. Like with other outbreaks of HSV , valacyclovir will speed up the speed at which cold sores heal, but it can still take seven to 10 days for them to fully disappear.

How long before Valtrex works?

Many people who take Valtrex notice some relief from symptoms within two or three days, with healing of the blisters after about a week. Again, the sooner during an outbreak a person starts taking Valtrex, the shorter and less severe the outbreak generally is.