How often should a stent be checked?

How often should a stent be checked?

As recommended in the National Disease Management Guidelines (6), patients with coronary heart disease and those who have undergone stent implantation should be followed up regularly (every three to six months) by their primary care physicians, independently of any additional visits that may be necessitated by …

When did the pain from a heart stent go away?

I had a heart stent put in on 5/18/07 and even though I did experience some shortness of breath after 24-48 hours and my heart was pounding harder, this went away and was fine for 2 weeks when I started to experience moderately bad more localized pain over the area of my heart.

How old is my mother when she had her first stent?

Anecdotally, my mother had her first coronary stent placed 29 years ago. She now has eight coronary stents in three coronary arteries. She will be 95 years old in a few weeks.

What should I expect after a stent placement?

The hospital immediately ran all the same tests done the first time. The same results…nothing wrong. I then underwent another heart cath. According to the Cardiologist that did the cath, “Everything is fine…all major arteries are open and your stent looks fine.

Is it normal to not feel well after a stent?

Our Forum is one of the places where stent patients post issues they’ve had. While there are complications, adverse reactions to medications, etc., these are small in percentage. What you read here are usually the problems; people who have had none (in the high 90%tile) tend not to write in.

Why do I have dull pain after stenting?

• Chea — If you look through the posts in this topic, you’ll see that a number of patients feel a kind of discomfort or dull pain after stenting. This has been documented and it’s usually the body adjusting to the stent, the increase in blood flow, etc.

Why was there no stress test after stenting?

The “battery of tests” on the preceding day most likely did not include a stress test or CTCA since your father was asymptomatic. I suspect they would have shown a major stenosis. These are the options of what could have happened: