How old is my son in jail now?

How old is my son in jail now?

October 2015 update: The son for whom I wrote the original post, below, is 24 1/2, has had a full time job and a (rented) house of his own for over two years. He is contented, hard-working, loving and clean-living. I am thankful for the many encouraging testimonies that have appeared in the comments section over the years.

What does the Bible say about my son in jail?

My son is just not there yet, but he will be! God says so in his word in Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. My son is probably facing a few more hard knocks, but eventually he’ll get it. The seed of God’s word has been planted in him from a child.

How can I Help my Son in jail?

God bless each of you who struggles with a son making bad choices. May you find comfort in the Lord, in His word, and in what you read here. April 2013 update: Many of you who write would like to know how to help a believing child stay strong if they are serving a long sentence. I urge you to make contact with Prison Fellowship as soon as possible.

What’s the maximum sentence for second degree sexual assault?

Second-degree child sexual assault carries up to 25 years in prison. Third- and fourth-degree sexual assault convictions have maximum sentences of five years and nine months, respectively. “So if you think your case is worth a double-digit sentence, you (don’t want to make a deal).

How many times has my son been in jail?

My son has been in jail 8 or 9 times—I truly lost count so not sure which is the right number. He has begged and cried to us as well.

Can a second time offender go to jail?

Jail time is often mandatory for second time offenders in a number of states across the country. This is often detrimental to individuals who are currently holding employment – not many employers will be tolerant of an employee missing work to serve a jail sentence for a second time DUI or DWI offense.

Is it time to bail my 35 year old son out of jail?

You must have other loved ones who are appalled by his behavior and want you to stop taking care of this man as if he were a little boy. Bet he gets ten times the attention the other loved ones get. They always do. They are emotional vampires. You are at an age where it’s time to put YOURSELF first.

How did my son get out of jail?

My son however, has been in many rehabs, over six hospitals, halfway homes and is in so much debt. He was living under a boardwalk for a week after leaving transitional housing and was arrested last week for not showing up for a court date. He is in county jail.