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How serious is swelling in liver?

How serious is swelling in liver?

An enlarged liver can have many possible causes. An enlarged liver is one that’s bigger than normal. The medical term is hepatomegaly (hep-uh-toe-MEG-uh-le). Rather than a disease, an enlarged liver is a sign of an underlying problem, such as liver disease, congestive heart failure or cancer.

Is enlarged liver an emergency?

Many of the symptoms that cause hepatomegaly can impair your liver’s ability to function and help your body. While hepatomegaly is always a cause for medical evaluation, not all of the underlying conditions are considered medical emergencies.

What type of doctor do you see for an enlarged liver?

You’re likely to start by seeing your primary care doctor. If your doctor suspects you have an enlarged liver, he or she might refer you to the appropriate specialist after testing to determine the cause. If you have a liver disease, you might be referred to a specialist in liver problems (hepatologist).

What is the home remedy for liver enlargement?

Read on to learn more.

  1. Natural remedies for fatty liver disease. If you have NAFLD, keep in mind that not all diets and supplements are healthy for your liver.
  2. Lose excess weight.
  3. Try the Mediterranean diet.
  4. Drink coffee.
  5. Get active.
  6. Avoid foods with added sugars.
  7. Target high cholesterol.
  8. Try an omega-3 supplement.

When did my mother find out she had liver cancer?

My 86 year old mother was diagnosed with primary liver cancer 7 months ago. She”d been losing weight for over a year prior to that. She went to the doctor because of pain in her side. She is not in a lot of pain and not on painkillers. So far her symptoms have been, in roughly chronological order: Loss of appetite and weight loss.

How old is my mom from liver cirrhosis?

She is a very small frame (only about a size 6) but looks like she’s pregnant with twins. The doctor’s did all they could to stablize her but unfortunately, with all ther doctors were doing, she’d go home the same day and drink. In 2010, she’s slowly declined. Now, as I type this, I’m sitting next to her in the hospital.

What are the most recent symptoms of liver cancer?

The most recent symptom is a persistent cough (now for a couple of weeks). So far there is no jaundice of her skin or eyes. We feel happy that we have had this time of relative good health to spend with my mother and hope that the end will be easy for her.

Can a swollen liver be a symptom of anything?

An enlarged liver (hepatomegaly) is swollen beyond its normal size for any reason. An enlarged liver is a symptom of an underlying problem, but is not a disease itself. An enlarged liver may occur along with other symptoms, depending on the underlying disease that is causing it.

How did my mother die of cirrhosis of the liver?

I say that because I lost my mother three days ago. She was 48, and she died of cirrhosis. She was diagnosed two years ago, was basically brought back to life by her doctors, and was released. She attempted AA for maybe a month, and swore she wasn’t drinking to the end.

When does an enlarged liver cause no symptoms?

An enlarged liver often does not cause any symptoms. Doctors often detect it when treating a patient for another, unrelated condition. An enlarged liver may occur along with other symptoms, especially if the underlying cause is a primary liver disease.

What did the doctor say about fatty liver?

My doctor in Ireland, a GP of over 50 yrs experience, sent me for an ultrasound to the local hospital. They took at least 18 viles of blood from me over the space of a month, and confirmed everything came back as normal. The ultrasound showed the ‘fatty liver’ and the only issue the doctor mentioned was that my spleen had doubled in size.