Is it normal for feet to swell during period?

Is it normal for feet to swell during period?

Low levels of vitamins and minerals may cause some symptoms of PMS. In some studies, low levels of magnesium, manganese and vitamin E have been found in women who have PMS. Studies have also shown that eating a lot of salty foods may cause fluid retention. This can make your feet and hands swell.

What causes swelling in ankles and feet during menstruation?

Some women have problems with edema in ankles and feet during menstruation. It is even common to develop edema a few days before menstruation. If you eat a lot of salty foods, like French fries, potato chips or fast food, this could also be causing the swelling. It is a good idea to stay away from these kinds of foods all during the month.

When to seek medical attention for swollen feet?

Other conditions that may cause swollen feet include: Persistent swelling of a foot or both feet may indicate an underlying problem. Seek immediate medical attention from your primary physician if the swelling is accompanied by other symptoms, such as pain, fever, redness, and warmth.

What to do if your feet swell when on your period?

There is no medication that stops the swelling of feet due to PMS water retention 2. If your symptoms are lasting longer than a week or if your swollen feet are accompanied by cramping or pain, see your physician immediately. The physician may recommend an oral contraceptive prescription to reduce PMS symptoms.

What causes swollen feet after standing for long time?

Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a condition that causes swollen feet due to damaged valves or from standing or sitting for extended periods.

What is the best treatment for swollen feet?

Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications can help with swelling and relieve pain. The most effective treatment for swollen feet is to elevate and rest the feet. Ice packs can be applied to feet to help bring the swelling down.

How do you cure swollen foot?

One of the most effective home remedies for swollen feet is the application of apple cider vinegar, which helps reduce the excessive fluid content in the body, thereby relieving swelling in the ankles and feet. You can also use cucumber to treat swollen feet on account of its ability to absorb excessive water from the body.

Why are my feet swollen and tingling?

A pinched nerve in your back could be the reason behind tingling of your feet. Injury and swelling are the main cause of pinched nerves. Tingling may be accompanied by pain, sensational changes, and decreased range of motion. Treatments include rest, surgery, medication, and physical therapy.

Why my feet are swollen?

Swollen feet are a common problem. Sometimes, the swelling is simply a matter of gravity – when you stand or sit in one place too long, fluid from elsewhere in your body is pulled down into your feet. Another common cause is venous insufficiency, a weakening of the valves in the veins in your legs.