Is it normal for kids to discharge?

Is it normal for kids to discharge?

The vagina is designed to be moist, so discharge at every age is normal. Typically you will see only small amounts in infants and young children, and it is usually clear, white, or slightly yellow and odorless. Persistent vaginal discharge in children can be a sign of infection.

What age does a child get discharge?

There is of ten a yellow or green vaginal discharge which may stain the pants. The condition is commonest between the ages of 3 to 10 years. It will often improve by itself and always improves at puberty but usually resolves quite quickly.

What does it mean if a lot of discharge comes out?

Excess vaginal discharge can occur as a result of arousal, ovulation, or infections. Normal vaginal discharge ranges in color from clear or milky to white. The consistency of vaginal discharge also varies from thin and watery to thick and sticky. Generally, healthy vaginal discharge should be relatively odorless.

Is it normal for my 9 year old to have discharge?

Vaginal Discharge This is a thin, clear, transparent, or whitish fluid that your child may notice in the lining of her underwear. This comes from the reproductive system and vagina and helps to prevent infection, and keep the vagina moisturized and healthy. This is completely normal and natural during puberty.

Is it normal for a girl to have a lot of discharge?

For some girls, it’s normal to have a lot of vaginal discharge. They may even need to wear a pantiliner to keep their underwear dry. Other girls may not have much vaginal discharge at all. Vaginal fluids should be clear, white, or off-white in color.

What does it mean when you have a lot of discharge?

If your pH goes the other route and becomes too acidic, you could get cytolytic vaginosis, and your discharge will be either “watery thin” or “curd-like thick”. Luckily, many of these imbalances are treatable by home remedies, and if those don’t work, your doctor will help you out. 4. “You Have A Sexually Transmitted Infection”

What should I do if I notice a change in vaginal discharge?

Infections are the most common cause of unusual vaginal discharge. These infections include: What Should I Do If I Notice a Change in My Vaginal Discharge? If you think your vaginal discharge has changed, make an appointment with your doctor right away. This is especially important if you’ve had sex because it could be a sign of an STD.

Why do I get so much discharge when I’m Pregnant?

There are a ton of bodily indicators that you’re pregnant. Lack of a period and sore breasts are of course indicators, but so is experiencing way more vaginal discharge than usual. This is because of the high levels of estrogen in your system when you’re pregnant.