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Is it normal to have a swollen left foot?

Is it normal to have a swollen left foot?

swollen left foot. Swollen ankles and swollen feet prevail and generally not cause for issue, particularly if you have been standing or walking a great deal. Yet feet and ankles that remain swollen or are gone along with by various other symptoms could indicate a major health problem.

What are the symptoms of swollen feet and legs?

Swelling in only one foot or leg Sudden swelling along with other new signs or symptoms such as severe headache, vision changes, upper abdominal pain, nausea or vomiting, or shortness of breath Choose a symptom

What causes swelling on the left side of the ankle?

Localized Causes Left Ankle Swelling Here are some common local causes for ankle swelling. In most cases, the ankle swelling may be restricted to one foot, however, it may affect both feet, if both the feet are involved. Injury, trauma or a hairline fracture can result in swelling of the leg.

What causes swelling and pain in left leg?

Injury. Any sufficient injury to the leg, ankle, or foot is capable of producing an inflammatory response. Potential injuries can include breaking the leg or foot, snapping a tendon, or a sprained ankle. These events usually follow a physical injury, accident, or some form of intense exertion.

Why does my left foot keep swelling?

If just the left foot is swelling up, the most likely causes are a poor circulation the foot, or blood clot to the leg or lymph node blockage, venous problem or some ligament or tendon tear.

What causes left toe pain?

Wounds affecting the toes that are left untreated or allowed to become septic could also be a cause of toe pain. Other factors that might influence common toe problems include: posture, gait (the way you walk), blood circulation, flat feet, or even high foot arches.

What does swelling on the left foot indicate?

It is possible that limited mobility of the left feet may manifest in the form of excessive swelling. The most common cardiac condition associated with swelling of the ankle joint is congestive cardiac failure. It is very vital that an individual gets himself thoroughly evaluated for the condition.

What causes left hand and left foot to swell?

  • Pregnancy Complications It is common for women to have swollen feet during pregnancy. Excessive or sudden swelling might be as a result of preeclampsia.
  • Injury An injury sustained in the leg or ankle can lead to swollen feet.
  • Lymphedema Lymph is a protein fluid that moves around the body through the lymphatic system.