Is it safe to use prolotherapy for neck pain?

Is it safe to use prolotherapy for neck pain?

Please try again later. Prolotherapy is an extremely safe and effective treatment for chronic neck pain and instability because it strengthens the ligaments that are weak and causing the pain.

Why is prolotherapy used to treat cervical instability?

Prolotherapy is successful because it addresses the root cause of the arthritic cascade which is cervical instability. When you understand spinal instability, it only makes sense to address all of these areas versus only targeting a couple structures.

How does dextrose prolotherapy work for neck pain?

Dextrose prolotherapy was associated with progressive symptomatic relief and functional gain, beginning one month after initiation of treatment, and also with improvement of upper cervical stability. The findings support an approach to chronic neck pain based on the facilitation of ligamentous repair.

Which is the most common agent used in prolotherapy?

… Hyperosmolar dextrose is the most common agent used in prolotherapy as it is a normal constituent of human blood with concentration ranges from 12.5% to 25% [52]. It dehydrates the cells around the injected area causing local tissue trauma, which attracts granulocytes and macrophages and hence promotes the healing process [53].

What are the side effects of prolotherapy injections?

Solutions are injected into tendons, ligaments, joint capsular tissue, muscle fascia, or cartilage with the intent of causing acute inflammation, and stimulating the body’s own natural healing process. The injections are a blend of mild chemicals, including some type of irritant, such as glucose, and a numbing agent, such as lidocaine.

Why is it important to know about prolotherapy?

Inflammation is the body’s response to injury and infection. It is a necessary means to proper healing and regeneration. Through prolotherapy injections, injured, vulnerable tissue is encouraged to efficiently heal. New collagen forms, and then tightens. The result is rejuvenated, and even stronger, tendons, ligaments, or other tissue.

How is prolotherapy used to treat ligament laxity?

Prolotherapy is an injection technique whereby drugs are injected at the fibro-osseous junction, which causes inflammation and subsequent stimulation of fibroblast to make new collagen fibers. The technique is painful but safe and effective in decreasing the pain of abnormal joint movement or ligament laxity.

When to seek medical attention for prolotherapy pain?

Prolotherapy should never cause severe pain. If you experience severe pain, especially with a fever, seek medical attention as it could be a sign of infection. Infections should be treated immediately. Your doctor may suggest multiple prolotherapy treatments to continue to stimulate growth of new tissues.