Is there a reduction in life expectancy in the United States?

Is there a reduction in life expectancy in the United States?

Our medium estimate indicates a reduction in US life expectancy at birth of 1.13 y to 77.48 y, lower than any year since 2003. We also project a 0.87-y reduction in life expectancy at age 65 y.

How did life expectancy change over the last 200 years?

Over the last 200 years people in all countries in the world achieved impressive progress in health that lead to increases in life expectancy. In the UK, life expectancy doubled and is now higher than 80 years. In Japan health started to improve later, but the country caught up quickly with the UK and surpassed it in the late 1960s.

How is fine particulate matter related to life expectancy?

A decrease of 10 μg per cubic meter in the concentration of fine particulate matter was associated with an estimated increase in mean (±SE) life expectancy of 0.61±0.20 year (P=0.004).

What are the life expectancy projections for 2020?

Fig. 1. Life expectancy projections for 2020 by race and ethnicity in the absence of COVID-19 and under the medium scenario. The COVID-19 medium scenario is based on the IHME current projection scenario (October 9, 2020 update).

When was the last time life expectancy was reduced?

The last major pandemic to significantly reduce life expectancy in a short period of time was the 1918 influenza pandemic, which research indicates reduced life expectancy by an extraordinary 7-12 years.

How is the life expectancy of minorities declining?

The declines in life expectancy are likely even starker among minority populations. For Blacks, the researchers project their life expectancy would shorten by 2.10 years to 72.78 years, and for Latinos, by 3.05 years to 78.77 years.

How is covid-19 affecting life expectancy in the United States?

Measures of life expectancy quantify these disparities in an easily interpretable way. We project that COVID-19 will reduce US life expectancy in 2020 by 1.13 y. Estimated reductions for the Black and Latino populations are 3 to 4 times that for Whites.

How is Yll related to loss of life?

YLL due to premature deaths were conceptualized by the GBD study 6 as the time-based measure to estimate the loss of years of life associated with a death.