Is there an artery above the ear?

Is there an artery above the ear?

The artery that passes in front of your ear and then above it is called the temporal artery.

Which artery is closest to the ear?

The posterior auricular artery is a smaller muscular artery that branches from the external carotid artery. This artery travels to the region posterior to the ear. The function of the posterior auricular artery is to perfuse the scalp and the ear.

What is the nerve supply of ear?

Anatomy of the ear. Four sensory nerves supply the external ear: (1) greater auricular nerve, (2) lesser occipital nerve, (3) auricular branch of the vagus nerve, and (4) auriculotemporal nerve.

Is the thoracic spine above or below the rib cage?

Connecting with the cervical spine above and the lumbar spine below, the thoracic spine runs from the base of the neck down to the abdomen. It is the only spinal region attached to the rib cage. The thoracic spine is one of the four major regions of the spine.

What are the nodal nodes in the head and neck?

The above classification is not inclusive of several important nodal groups in the head and neck: 1 superior mediastinal nodes 2 retropharyngeal nodes 3 parotid nodes 4 occipital nodes 5 posterior auricular (mastoid) nodes 6 facial nodes

Which is more mobile the neck or the thoracic spine?

Thoracic Spine Range of Motion. While the thoracic spine is less mobile than the neck and lower back, the ranges of motion can vary considerably at different thoracic vertebral levels. Most levels of the thoracic spine have limited forward/backward and side-bending movements but significantly more ability for axial rotation.

Where is the thoracic duct located in the neck?

At the root of neck it arches laterally at the level of C7 vertebra in front of vertebral system (example, vertebral artery and vertebral vein) and left cervical sympathetic trunk and behind the carotid system (example, left common carotid artery, left internal jugular vein, and left vagus nerve ).

Can a thoracic duct be damaged during block dissection?

The cervical part of thoracic duct could be damaged during block dissection of the neck. It ought to be ligated immediately. If ligated, the lymph returns by anastomotic channels. However, if the injury isn’t found in the time of operation, and for this reason not ligated, it might cause an unpleasant chylus fistula and leakage of lymph.

Which is an example of a tributary of the thoracic duct?

Thyrocervical trunk and its branches (example: suprascapular, transverse cervical, and inferior thyroid arteries). The tributaries of the thoracic duct are as follows: Efferent from lower 6 intercostal lymph nodes of both sides. A pair of the ascending lymph trunks which drains lymph from the upper lumbar lymph nodes (para-aortic lymph nodes).

Where is the bicuspid valve located in the thoracic duct?

There is a bicuspid valve located at the junction of the thoracic duct with the draining vein (e.g. left internal jugular vein or left subclavian vein depending on anatomical variations), which prevents backflow of venous blood into the lymphatic system.