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What can I do if my therapist breaks confidentiality?

What can I do if my therapist breaks confidentiality?

If this happens to you — if you are certain that your therapist has violated your confidentiality in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable and does not have to do with your treatment, you can report him or her to the state licensing board for psychology.

Under what circumstances can a therapist break confidentiality?

Depending on the state, times when a therapist has to break confidentiality may include:

  • When the client poses an imminent danger to themselves or others, and breaking confidentiality is necessary to resolve the danger.
  • When the therapist suspects child, elder, or dependent adult abuse.

Is everything you tell a psychiatrist confidential?

In almost every instance, therapy is absolutely confidential. You therapist is required to maintain confidentiality about everything said in sessions between the two of you, just like a doctor is required to keep your records private.

What are the exceptions to confidentiality?

Most of the mandatory exceptions to confidentiality are well known and understood. They include reporting child, elder and dependent adult abuse, and the so-called “duty to protect.” However, there are other, lesserknown exceptions also required by law. Each will be presented in turn.

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