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What causes red blotches on ankles?

What causes red blotches on ankles?

A rash on the ankles can also be caused by an allergic reaction to a variety of allergens (allergic contact dermatitis), such as grass. Other causes of ankle rashes include viral infections, autoimmune disorders, and varicose veins.

Why are my feet and ankles red and swollen?

When swelling occurs for no apparent reason and the legs and feet become reddened, it can indicate a problem. An injury to the foot or ankle can cause redness and pain to occur. Cellulitis is a serious bacterial infection of the skin.

What are the symptoms of an itchy ankle?

It can present with a number of different symptoms, including: 1 open sores. 2 tenderness. 3 redness. 4 swelling.

What to do if your ankles are red and Itchy?

It may be that the advice of a vascular surgeon is called for. If underlying varicose veins are confirmed by ultrasound scanning, then an operation to improve the flow of the blood in this area might be suggested. Once the flow in the veins is improved, then the skin appearance will improve as the eczema resolves.

Why are my ankles so hot and Itchy?

As a result, blood can pool in the legs. This in turn puts pressure on the blood vessels, causing fluid and chemicals to leak into the surrounding tissues, irritating them and drying out the skin, especially around the ankles as there is little flesh there.

Why does my ankle Itch at night?

Another group of people who can suffer severe ankle itching at night is those people suffering from liver diseases which are usually triggered by consumption of alcohol. Such persons normally complain this problem that tends to worsen at night and is commonly experienced in the soles of the feet, ankles and palms.

What causes swollen legs or ankles?

Swelling in the ankle and leg could be the result of inflammation due to acute or chronic injury. Conditions that can cause this type of inflammation include: ankle sprain. osteoarthritis. gout. broken leg. Achilles tendon rupture. ACL tear.

What causes red and blotchy swollen ankles and feet?

According to MayoClinic .com, cellulitis causes the skin to become red and swollen. It most commonly affects the legs, ankles and feet. Cellulitis occurs when bacteria invade through an opening or cut in the skin.

What makes your ankles itch?

Another common cause of itchy ankles would be the infamous insect bites such as the bites of bed bugs and mites. Hiking and exposing one’s ankles in places where insects most probably live in, increases the risk of an individual having itchiness to the ankles.