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What causes weakness in the legs and arms?

What causes weakness in the legs and arms?

There are several muscular (muscle) and neuromuscular (nerve and muscle) conditions that can lead to leg weakness. This includes: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease is condition where the muscle shrinks and weakens due to death of the nerve cells that control these muscles.

Can a knee injury cause weakness in the leg?

A traumatic injury to the leg or to the pelvic region can damage muscles, nerves or joints, resulting in leg weakness. Most of the time, if you experience a leg or pelvic injury that is severe enough to cause weakness, you should also expect to experience pain.

What are the symptoms of loss of leg strength?

Leg Weakness (Loss of Strength) Symptoms and Causes 1 Meaning of Leg Weakness. The muscles contract and relax in response to signals carried to it by nerves. 2 Symptoms of Leg Weakness. Leg weakness is a symptom on its own but may not always be as obvious. 3 Causes of Leg Weakness. …

What does it mean when one leg is weaker than the other?

Asymmetric: This means one leg feels weaker than the other. Gradual (chronic): This means the weakness got worse over time. Sudden-onset (acute): If you noticed sudden weakness in one or both of your legs, this could be a medical emergency and you should seek immediate medical attention.

What causes loss of feeling in left arm?

Losing sensation in your left arm may be because of something as simple as sleeping on your arm, poor circulation, or a minor injury. In these cases, the abnormal sensation is usually temporary and feeling will return when the underlying cause is resolved.

Why does my left arm feel tired?

Left arm weakness is often a consequence of some sort of injury. Any time a person breaks a bone in their left arm, wrist, or hand, for instance, he or she may feel fatigue or tingling as the body responds to the trauma.

What causes numbness and tingling in left arm?

Numbness and tingling in your left arm are usually caused by nerves in your shoulder, back, or arm getting compressed. This can cause a burning feeling that tingles down your left arm from your shoulder to the tips of your fingers.

What causes heavy feelings in arms?

One of the most common causes of a heavy sensation in the arms is general fatigue.(1) This type of fatigue is very common in modern day times. As a society, we generally sleep too little, eat too much and exercise only intermittently.