What do I do if my husband is mentally unstable?

What do I do if my husband is mentally unstable?

You must seek professional help for yourself in this situation, work hard to maintain your own work and social life, stay informed about your spouse’s illness, and seek out personal support from friends and family.

Can I divorce my husband if he is mentally ill?

In California, a spouse seeking a divorce doesn’t have to prove that the other spouse caused the divorce; this is called “no-fault divorce.” However, in specific circumstances, a spouse can seek a divorce based on the other spouse’s mental illness. California courts can dissolve a marriage on the grounds that a spouse …

How does mental illness affect divorce?

In addition to child custody, a spouse’s mental health condition can impact the financial outcome of a divorce. When your spouse is unable to work or unable to support themselves with a full-time position because of their mental illness, they may seek a greater portion of marital assets as well as alimony.

How does divorce affect your mental health?

People who undergo divorce face a variety of psychological issues including increased stress, lower life satisfaction, depression, increased medical visits, and an overall increase in mortality risk compared to those who remain married.

What kind of mental illness does my husband have?

My husband had a couple of bouts of depression which he recovered from with counselling & medication. Then in late 2010 he suffered severe anxiety & melancholic depression which was treatment resistant.

How does marriage affect people with mental illness?

The mental health field is becoming more aware that marriage often brings a mixed bag of stressors and rewards to all those who embark on the journey. For people with mental illness, these stressors are even greater.

When is mental illness a deal breaker in marriage?

Depression might be a difficult mental illness for a spouse to deal with but it’s also often challenging to decide when this mental health issue is a deal breaker.

Can a partner be affected by a mental health condition?

Having a partner affected by a mental health condition can be navigated in a relationship if both partners have the skills and awareness to cope and communicate through these challenges. This is why a paradigm shift is needed: People should feel empowered to seek help if they or their loved one is struggling with mental health.

Why does my husband have a mental illness?

Pretend for a minute that the problems in your marriage are not because of your husband having a mental illness. Imagine that the source of your unhappiness is definitely not that your husband has ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), or narcissism.

Can a mentally ill husband get spousal support?

Depending on the circumstances of case and the level of severity for your husband’s mental illness, you may be entitled to a larger share of marital assets or a higher level of spousal support. There are ultimately two main aspects of a divorce that can be influenced by the presence of a mental illness: spousal support and child custody.

Do You Worry About Divorcing a mentally ill husband?

Worry is never isolated and often goes hand in hand with feelings of loss or guilt. When divorcing a husband with a mental illness, you’ll likely worry about whether or not your husband will be able to appropriately cope with divorce. You may worry that your husband’s mental condition may worsen.

Is it hard to be in a relationship with someone with mental illness?

Experiencing a mental illness, also known as a mental health disorder, may be very hard on a marriage or any relationship. The stress may reach a crisis level and you may fall into a pattern where managing the mental health disorder becomes a role around which the relationship is centered.