What do I do if my wife is bipolar?

What do I do if my wife is bipolar?

10 Tips for Coping With a Bipolar Spouse

  1. Coping with Bipolar Spouse Mood Swings.
  2. Breathe. When things are tough, take a deep breath and step back.
  3. Build support.
  4. Get away.
  5. Laugh.
  6. Enforce meds.
  7. Recall your love.
  8. Know (or grow) your philosophy of marriage.

How do I know if my wife is bipolar?

Let’s take a look at some of the other symptoms associated with bipolar disorder:

  1. Delusions.
  2. Difficulty concentrating.
  3. Rapid speech and thoughts.
  4. Impulsive and dangerous behavior.
  5. Risky and irresponsible driving choices.
  6. Heightened self-confidence and optimism.
  7. Extreme money spending and shopping sprees.

What is the divorce rate for bipolar?

In the United States and Canada, at least 40 percent of all marriages fail. But the statistics for marriages involving a person who has bipolar disorder are especially sobering—an estimated 90 percent of these end in divorce, according to a November 2003 article, “Managing Bipolar Disorder,” in Psychology Today.

When was my ex wife diagnosed with bipolar disorder?

In 2010, after seven years of marriage, my ex-wife was diagnosed with bipolar disorder during a two-week hospital stay after a profound manic episode where she went three days without sleep. In honesty, the diagnosis came as something of a relief. Certain situations made much more sense looking at our life through that lens.

How does bipolar disorder affect a married person?

Spouses with bipolar disorder are likely to have a different impression of their marriage than their husband or wife. For example, a married person with bipolar disorder is often not aware of the full impact their disorder has on their partner, children, or other family members.

Can a spouse with bipolar disorder be in remission?

In fact, research has shown that there is little or no difference between the state of the marriages where one spouse has bipolar disorder but is in remission, and other married couples in general. Further, both groups had similar perceptions of significant events during the course of their marriages.

How old was Jeff when he was diagnosed with bipolar?

Jeff, though, has no known family members with the disorder. We tend to associate bipolar disorder with younger adults. Most often, it’s first diagnosed in people between the ages of 20 and 40.

How do I know if my wife has bipolar disorder?

Another way to tell that your wife is going through bipolar disorder is to see if there are any significant changes in her menstruation cycle. A bipolar wife will experience PMS symptoms which are more severe than usual. She may lose interest in her work, family and other things around her.

What is it like to live with a bipolar wife?

Living with a bipolar spouse means that your life will be unpredictable, as that is the very nature of bipolar disorder. Their mood swings will go up and down, as will their days, and you along with them. There are many behaviors that come with having a bipolar spouse, and these behaviors can be very frustrating for you to deal with sometimes.

How do I deal with a bipolar spouse?

When you live with a bipolar husband, you should help him adopt a schedule. This routine can help your husband avoid surprises and triggers. This schedule should include a consistent sleep time, daily exercise, a healthy diet, and counseling. Other daily or weekly activities can be included into the schedule.

How do you communicate with bipolar spouse?

Keep a loving tone as you talk to your husband. You should be very careful with how you speak with your husband when you bring up his bipolar disorder. Make sure to talk to him in a calm and loving manner, keeping all accusations out of your voice.