What do you need to know about bladder neck incisions?

What do you need to know about bladder neck incisions?

Bladder Neck Incision (B.N.I.) and Urethrotomy. It will also help you plan how to take care of yourself in the weeks following discharge from hospital. A bladder neck incision (B.N.I.) and a urethrotomy, are operations for men who have a decreased urinary stream and problems passing urine because of a bladder neck stenosis or a urethral stricture.

Can a bladder incision be reoccurring after surgery?

In a number of patients, scarring can reoccur after surgery at the operation site as the tissues heal themselves. Despite adequate incision of scar tissue during surgery, a ring of scar tissue can redevelop during healing and may cause some renewed obstruction.

What to do if you have bladder obstruction in neck?

Alpha-blocker drug therapy is usually the first step in treating bladder neck obstruction. Alpha-blockers, such as prazosin or phenoxybenzamine, can help to relax the bladder muscles.

How long does it take for urine to clear after neck incision?

The urine is likely to be blood stained. This usually clears within the first 24 to 48 hours. The catheter is held in place inside the bladder by a small balloon so that it cannot slip out. Your nurse will monitor your catheter and the drainage from it.

How is an incision made in the neck of the bladder?

The operation is performed under a general or spinal anaesthetic. The operation usually takes less than an hour. Your surgeon will place a resectoscope (a small operating telescope) into your urethra. They will make small cuts in the neck of your bladder where the prostate is restricting the flow of urine.

Can a neck incision help with urination?

I had a bladder neck incision to help with my slow and strained flow but I steel feel like I have to pee constantly. Has anyone had and recovered normal urination after a bladder neck incision?

Why do I have a Transurethral incision in my bladder?

This procedure is done to open up a BNC or bladder neck contracture (restricting scar tissue)at the neck of the bladder. The most common reasons to have a bladder neck contracture are: The symptoms characteristic of a bladder neck contracture are those of obstructive urination pattern.

What are the possible complications after bladder neck incision?

What are the Possible Complications after Bladder Neck Incision? 1 Burning while passing urine. 2 Infection of the urinary tract. 3 Injury to the urethra. 4 Blood in the urine. 5 Retrograde ejaculation, which is more common with the bilateral surgery as compared to… 6 (more items)