What does Pew Research Center state of news media report?

What does Pew Research Center state of news media report?

Pew Research Center’s State of the News Media report focuses primarily on the latter, tracking the expanding and diversifying news industry over time and across a variety of indicators.

Why did the number of newspaper readers decrease?

While more and more readers prefer to receive news online, this dramatic loss has been driven not only by changes in reader preference, but also by the business decisions of newspaper owners. The decrease in daily circulation comes primarily from the pullback of metro and regional newspapers from distribution to outlying rural and suburban areas.

How are state and regional newspapers are shrinking?

The Shrinking State and Regional Newspapers: The dramatic pullback in circulation and coverage of state and regional papers has dealt a double blow to residents of outlying rural counties, as well as close-in suburban areas.

What’s the best way to read a news report?

Make sure the news report is suitable for everyone to read. Below, you’ll find a few examples of particularly grabbing leads. See if they encourage you to want to read on.

What’s the best way to read the news?

A good rule of thumb is to pretend you’re telling the news to a friend. You are probably excited to tell your friends news, but you try not to overwhelm them with too much energy. The goal is to sound upbeat and friendly, not like you had too much coffee before you started reading.

How does the way people read online change?

The more things change, the more they stay the same. We recently published the 2 nd edition of our How People Read Online report, almost 15 years after the 1 st edition was published. Looking back over the findings from the 5 eyetracking studies conducted for these editions, we can trace how online reading behaviors have changed (or not).

When was the first how people read report published?

The findings from the 2006 study formed the basis of the first edition of our How People Read on the Web report. We later conducted two small qualitative studies (in 2009 and 2013) to generate new findings and examples to update the report, but these did not result in comprehensive changes or in a new edition of the report.

How to read and speak like a TV news reporter?

Practicing Your Reporting 1. Watch the news to listen to how reporters sound. Close your eyes to focus on the reporter’s voice and inflection. 2. Record yourself reading a report to spot your weaknesses. Break out the video camera or smart phone and either record… 3. Practice keeping your eyes