What is another word for wayside?

What is another word for wayside?

What is another word for wayside?

verge curb
edge shoulder
roadside hard shoulder
kerb side of the road
pavement sidewalk edge

What does going by the wayside mean?

: the side of or land adjacent to a road or path. by the wayside. : out of consideration : into a condition of neglect or disuse —usually used with fall.

What are the synonyms of teaching?

Synonyms of teaching

  • education,
  • instruction,
  • schooling,
  • training,
  • tuition,
  • tutelage,
  • tutoring.

Where does the term wayside come from?

The term wayside can first be found in the Middle English poem Morte Arthure. It’s sometimes called the Alliterative Morte Arthure, because it uses so much alliteration—many words that start with the same sound.

How do you use wayside in a sentence?

2 Luxury items fall by the wayside during a recession. 3 We spent the night in a wayside inn. 4 Many clubs fall by the wayside for financial reasons. 5 Proposals for the new service fell by the wayside through lack of public support.

What is the synonyms and antonyms of teacher?

Synonyms, Antonyms & Associated Words

  • teachernoun. Synonyms: instructor, tutor, master, pedagogue, preceptor, preceptress, governess, coach, usher, mentor.
  • teachernoun. Synonyms: faculty.

What part of speech is wayside?

As detailed above, ‘wayside’ can be an adjective or a noun. Adjective usage: We stopped at a wayside pub. Noun usage: Many wild flowers grew in the wayside.

What is the wayside in the Bible?

The seed sown by the wayside represents the Word of God as it falls upon the heart of the inattentive hearer. As the birds catch up the seed from the wayside, so Satan catches away the seeds of divine truth from the soul. Satan knows that the Word of God may awaken the careless, and take effect upon the hardened heart.

Can go by the wayside?

To be discarded, ignored, rejected, or set aside in favor of other considerations or more urgent matters.

What are wayside systems?

Several different monitoring systems are in place. These include: Wheel Condition Monitor (WCM) – used to measure the effect of wheel impacts on the rail surface. Bearing Acoustic Monitor (RailBAM) – used to identify and monitor bearing faults using acoustic measurements.