What is the medical term for ankle fusion?

What is the medical term for ankle fusion?

Definition/Description. Ankle arthrodesis, also commonly referred to as joint fusion, is a surgical procedure which fuses the bones that form the ankle joint, essentially eliminating the joint.

Who is a good candidate for ankle fusion surgery?

Candidates for Ankle Fusion. Ankle fusion surgery is a good option for patients with severe arthritis of the joint and can be performed in patients of all ages. When compared to ankle replacement surgery, ​ankle fusion is often preferred in more active patients, who may wear out the ankle replacement.

What are the side effects of ankle fusion surgery?

Smoking cessation can be helpful in lowering the chance of a nonunion. Other problems associated with ankle fusion surgery include infection, wound healing problems, and arthritic changes in the small joints of the foot. Because ankle fusion limits motion, patients often develop arthritis in the joints of the foot down the road.

How many bolts do you need for an ankle fusion?

Then, numbnuts (Timothy Uglem in Fargo, ND) fuses the ankle with 3-4 bolts, one of which DID poke it’s head thru the skin and produced a hex-shaped bump. That required a day-out procedure with a local needle and out it came.

When to use a 2 incision 3 screw ankle fusion?

Reliable fusion and optimal correction of the alignment of the ankle joint using a 2-incision, 3-screw technique. Symptomatic osteoarthritis of the ankle joint after insufficient other treatment, severe deformity of the osteoarthritic ankle joint, or salvation procedure after failed arthroplasty.

When to go back to surgery after ankle fusion?

Anyone in the ankle fusion community ever have to go back in after surgery to have screws removed? 2nd surgery and now screws 60 days post-op are bothering me! I was wondering how long the re-cope time is for this then? I had a fusion of my left ankle in Feb 2019, I am now a year on.

What happens to the fibula during ankle fusion?

During ankle fusion, the surgeon will remove these damaged joint surfaces and join the bones together using screws. They may include the fibula or other bones of the ankle too.

What are the two bones that are fused together in the ankle?

Ankle fusion, or ankle arthrodesis, is a surgery that permanently fuses two or more ankle bones together so the joint can’t bend. The two main ankle bones are called the tibia and talus, and over time the smooth surfaces of these bones and cartilage between them can wear away.