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What nerve runs along outside of foot?

What nerve runs along outside of foot?

The sural nerve runs down the back of the leg, behind the outside edge (lateral) of the ankle, and along the outside of the foot. The nerve provides sensation to the lateral foot and ankle as well as the 4th and 5th toes.

What causes sural nerve entrapment?

Entrapment of the nerve could be caused by compression due to fascial thickening, while the symptomatology includes sensory alterations and deficits at the nerve distribution area. We report a cadaveric case of a variant sural nerve that presented a distinct entrapment site.

How deep is the sural nerve?

The union can occur 3 cm below the origin of the peroneal communicating nerve. The two branches of the sural nerve can arise 3 cm apart about 10 cm above the knee and pierce the medial head of the gastrocnemius muscle before joining the peroneal communicating nerve.

What does the sural nerve control?

The sural nerve is purely sensory and it supplies sensation to the lower lateral leg, lateral heel, ankle and dorsal lateral foot.

Where is your sural nerve?

The sural nerve is a cutaneous nerve, providing only sensation to the posterolateral aspect of the distal third of the leg and the lateral aspect of the foot, heel, and ankle.

What happens to the sural nerve in the foot?

The sural nerve conveys sensory information regarding the lower calf and outer foot to the brain- damage to this nerve can result in extreme pain in the leg or foot. However, if damage does occur, it can be treated by removing part of the nerve.

What are the symptoms of sural nerve compression?

The symptoms associated with sural nerve compression: Calf and ankle pain. Pain on the outsides of the feet. Tenderness in the calf, ankle or foot. Burning sensation in the lower limb. Decreased sensation or feeling. Numbness. Tingling.

How to treat sural neuritis in the foot?

It may occur following surgery of the foot and ankle or after a direct injury to the nerve itself. In many cases, the condition will resolve on its own with time. Non-surgical treatment includes aggressive massage for nerve desensitization, oral medications to reduce irritation, and avoidance of direct pressure on the nerve.

What causes pain in the sural nerve of the ankle?

Causes of Sural Nerve Neuropathy. Possible causes of trauma include fracture of the ankle, sprained ankle, stripping of veins, surgery of the knee, running for long distances, laceration of the ankle, gunshot to the ankle and external compression.