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What should my kidney function be at age 70?

What should my kidney function be at age 70?

Your primary care physician should be trained in the treatment of early stage CKD. It sounds like you are being treated appropriately. Aging alone results in a decline of kidney function by about 1% per year beyond age 40, so at your age your kidney function should be expected to be about 65 to 70 milliliters per minute per 1.73 meters squared.

Can a person die if their temperature is 1.5 degrees above normal?

You know that people can get sick and die from heat stroke, and you know that people can die from hypothermia. You know people can feel terrible when they have a fever that is just 1.5 degrees above normal. It’s obvious that people can feel terrible when their temperatures are 1.5 degrees below normal. Of course temperature matters.

When to ask your doctor if you have FMS?

I’ve had FMS for past 15 years, and I have become more “clumsier” and do things like miss steps, or bump into things, etc. Falling could be a sign of many things, serious or not, you should ask your doctor about it. You might want to check out Marshall Protocol.

When to go to the doctor for a cold?

If you’re not feeling any better after a fortnight, your GP may prescribe an antibiotic and a course of steroid nose drops. The drops will reduce the swelling of the nasal lining, allowing air back into the sinuses. Bear in mind that you need to stick to this treatment plan for around two weeks to see the benefit.

How old is the doctor in doctor who?

There has always been a degree of confusion about the Doctor’s age, even before the Timeless Child retcon. In “Doctor Who and the Silurians,” the Third Doctor said he had lived for ” several thousand years. ” In “Time and the Rani,” the Seventh Doctor claimed to be 953 years old.

Is it necessary to see the doctor so often?

My 95 yr. old mother goes about every 4 months. My 64 yr. old husband goes every 4 months to his internist and every 6 mo. to his heart specialist. He on occasion has gone to other specialist for specific short-term issues that the internist has found. This field is required.

How old is the timeless child in doctor who?

The Doctor Who season 12 finale, “The Timeless Children,” provided one important clue. It revealed the Timeless Child was discovered by Tecteun before the very foundation of Time Lord civilization. That means the Doctor is technically just a little older than the Time Lord race itself.

How old was the oldest person in the world when he died?

She was born on 21 February 1875 and lived until the age of 122 years and 164 days before passing away on 4 August 1997. ( ref) Of the top 10 oldest people ever, all 10 are currently women. The oldest man ever is recorded as being Jiroemon Kimura from Japan, who lived until the age of 116 years and 54 days. He passed away on 12 June 2013.