When did I have my breast reduction surgery?

When did I have my breast reduction surgery?

I had a breast reduction surgery on October 5 2020, the doctor who did my surgery did malpractice on me. First they took my urine test everything was perfectly fine with me and after having the surgery I catch an infection in my private area. Then I had a open wound which took more than 5 month…

When does pain from breast reduction surgery subside?

The pain subsides as time goes on and you continue healing from the breast reduction surgery. The only words of advice I can give you is to be patient — and yes, you made the right decision. 5. It’ll be a while before you can exercise again.

What do your breasts look like after breast reduction?

Breasts after reduction don’t look sloppy or unsymmetrical, though they are a little boxy right after surgery. Your bra will reshape them to the typical rounded shape, but be prepared to have a lot of scars. From the middle of your rib cage to the center of your chest, a scar will stretch under each boob.

What’s the longest road to recovery after breast reduction?

Once the sedatives and drugs wear off post-surgery, and that throb of pain and wave of nausea hit you, you’re in for what feels like the longest road to (breast reduction) recovery — ever. And it kind of is. Imagine period boobs but like 3 gajillion times worse.

What to expect 1 year after breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery will help fix back pain significantly but it may not get rid of the pain completely. Seeing a chiropractor, stretching, and doing yoga has definitely helps me maintain a pain-free back. Thoughts: It’s one year later and I am so happy I had my breast reduction.

How old was I when I got breast reduction surgery?

By age 13, I was a DD. People don’t believe me when I say that. However, my chest’s growth was so noticeable in junior high that a rumor was started saying I’d gotten breast implants. For nearly 10 of those 15 years, I wondered what life would be like if I got breast reduction surgery.

Is it possible to have a breast reduction?

Yes, it was life-changing. But there’s a lot that no one tells you about the surgery, recovery, and all those mental highs and lows. When I graduated from high school, I made the biggest decision of my life: I was going to get a breast reduction.

Is it safe to look at photos of breast reduction surgery?

It was often hard to look at photos of other women’s experiences because the photos were so intimate. Fortunately, if you’re not comfortable looking at images of other women’s boobs, this is a much safer review of surgery. A surgeon can show you those “before” and “after” photos.