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When did they start using CT to diagnose tracheal injury?

When did they start using CT to diagnose tracheal injury?

The trauma radiology computer database (Access [1997 version]; Microsoft, Redmond, WA) and the trauma registry at our level 1 trauma center were searched for the 5-year period of January 1995 to December 1999 to identify patients with tracheal injury.

When is a CT required for a head injury?

The New Orleans Criteria state that a CT scan is required with any one of the following findings in a person who is fully awake: These rules all need to be applied based on the patient’s specific situation.

Is there a database of fatal car accidents?

We gathered a large database of info about fatal car accidents since year 1975 – including exact location, maps, summary graphs, details about each incident and more.

How is CT used to diagnose chest injuries?

CT is being used with increasing frequency to facilitate detection of chest injuries in patients with severe multisystem trauma and has proved useful in diagnosing unsuspected thoracic injuries [ 9, 10 ]. We undertook a retrospective study of patients admitted to our trauma facility who were diagnosed with tracheal injury.

What should you know about a CT scan after a car accident?

Many patients suffer concussions that can cause long-term cognitive issues. Skull fractures, spinal cord damage, whiplash and chest injuries are also frequently caused by automobile accidents as well as other personal injury accidents. Many of these conditions can be diagnosed by use of advanced imaging, including CT scans.

Is it normal to have a CT scan after a head injury?

A young man sustained a serious head injury in a car accident, but routine brain CT and MRI scans are normal. Your next step? Figure 1. Axial MRI gradient echo demonstrates multiple small acute hemorrhages in the temporal lobe and two foci of hemorrhage in the cerebellum.

Where was the MRI accident in New York?

The medical center, which is located 15 miles north of New York City in Valhalla, reported the accident as required, and the state health department sent investigators to the scene Monday. The hospital said it was conducting its own inquiry as well. A medical center spokeswoman would not say who brought the canister into the room.

How did the boy die in the MRI accident?

He died of the injuries on Sunday, the hospital said. The routine imaging procedure was performed after Colombini underwent surgery for a benign brain tumor last week. Westchester Medical Center officials said he was under sedation at the time of the deadly accident.