When to file a pothole damage claim-the balance?

When to file a pothole damage claim-the balance?

Hitting a pothole is considered a collision. Your collision deductible will apply, and your rates could go up at your next renewal due to filing an at-fault claim. 1  Sometimes the damage sustained is a lower dollar amount than your deductible, which would make filing a claim irrelevant.

What happens to your car when you hit a pothole?

Pothole damage to your vehicle can easily be extended. Damage to the vehicle’s tires, hubcaps, struts, and alignment can quickly add up leaving some drivers with repairs up to a thousand dollars or more. Filing a pothole damage claim is easy, but whether or not you should is something you should consider.

How many people die in bicycle accidents in California?

In 2018, California lost 155 people to bicycle accidents. In 2017, there were 145 victims of fatalities and 11,116 cyclists injured. From 2013 to 2018, 720 cyclists have died on California streets.

What to do if you get pothole damage?

Talk to local officials if there is a problem. If your neighborhood is particularly pothole-riddled, sometimes a few calls to public officials can get the problem fixed, saving you — and countless other drivers — the headache and hassle of pothole damage.

How can I claim for Pothole damage on my bike?

For these cyclists, we have gone on to obtain compensation for not only the injuries sustained, but also for other costs including loss of earnings, medical assistance, and damage to the bike and kit. How to Claim for Pothole Damage? In the majority of cases, we can assist you with a claim at no initial cost to you.

How many cyclists have been injured by potholes?

A BBC 5 Live questionnaire found half of almost 5,000 cyclists had suffered a pothole-related accident, with 1,516 injured as a result, 207 of those seriously. More than 10% of respondents said they missed work because of a pothole crash, and 31% were put off cycling.

How much does it cost to fix a pothole?

The report confirmed that the injuries had been sustained in the injury described by the cyclist. The local borough responsible for maintaining the road denied that they were liable for the accident throughout the course of the claim but the solicitor in this case fought to secure a settlement for the injured cyclist in the sum of £1375.

How does cycle SOS pay for Pothole claims?

Almost all of our cyclist pothole claims are funded through a Conditional Fee Agreement. More commonly known as a no win, no fee agreement, this will mean you will only pay for our services if you are successful in your claim. We are cyclists ourselves at Cycle SOS, and know full well how problematic potholes can be.