When to say within 2 weeks or within 1-2 weeks?

When to say within 2 weeks or within 1-2 weeks?

Last Wednesday Bob said he would finish in/within two weeks TIMESPAN runs from last Wednesday until a date two weeks after that—next Wednesday. But within X-time and in X-time mean two different things. Within X-time means that Bob will finish at some time during TIMESPAN.

Is it possible to catch the same cold twice?

After slogging through a cold, you can finally breathe again…right as you start to hear sneezes, sniffles, and throat clearing from your partner, cubicle mate, or someone else who’s basically always in your space. Looks like your old cold has a new home.

Which is correct within a week or in a week?

They can both be correct. within implies a limit, saying that you’re not sure how long something will take, but it won’t be more than one or two weeks. in suggests that it probably won’t be less than a week. With these lengths of time, the two expressions are almost identical, but if the time were longer, then the difference might be important.

Why did Anitra Hines fall ill a second time?

“I was very scared because she seemed so much sicker the second time, and it came on so quick,” says Ramonda Hines. On May 22, Anitra sounded so bad that her mother forced her to use the video feature on her phone so she could see her. She could see Anitra’s chest was rising and falling rapidly while she was talking.

What to do if you catch the same cold twice?

Taking steps to avoid getting sick is much easier than trying to figure out if someone caught a different cold than you, putting you at risk of a repeat cold. You might have heard that you should throw away your toothbrush, wash your sheets, or disinfect the house after an illness in order to avoid getting sick again.

What happens if you bleed more than once in a month?

One health effect of more frequent bleeding is anemia, which occurs due to a lack of iron in your blood. Your doctor can check your iron levels while they do other tests to determine the cause of your abnormal bleeding. The symptoms of anemia can include: fatigue. headache. weakness. dizziness. shortness of breath.

Why do some people fall ill more than once?

Hines, who has asthma, told her mother that at night, it felt like an elephant was sitting on her chest. Still, she managed to take care of herself at home with Tylenol, her prescription inhaler, and regular telemedicine visits with her doctor. About a month later, she tested negative and felt well enough to return to work. She even felt safer.