When was the last time Israel was hit by a rocket?

When was the last time Israel was hit by a rocket?

Israeli medics wheel a wounded man on a stretcher into an ambulance in a targeted residential neighborhood in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon on May 11, 2021, after rockets were fired by Hamas. ACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty Images

How many helicopters were destroyed at Marble Mountain?

Just across the Da Nang River from the Marine’s main base, Marble Mountain was a newly constructed base that was home to several Marine helicopter squadrons. A total of 19 helicopters, including 13 of VMO-2’s UH-1Es, were destroyed and 11 badly damaged during the attack.

When did Lance Corporal Paul Muirhead die in Afghanistan?

Lance Corporal Paul Muirhead, aged 29, of the Royal Irish Regiment, from Bearley, Warwickshire, died of injuries on 6 September, after an attack on 1 September. He was wounded during a Taliban attack on his base at Musa Quala, in Helmand province.

Can a member of the military be retained on the TDRL?

The member may be retained on the TDRL, or a final determination may be made. While the law provides for a maximum tenure of 5 years on the TDRL, there is no entitlement to be retained for the entire period. Watch Now: 8 Benefits of a Military Career

What kind of RAID does rocketraid 600 HBA have?

RocketRAID 600 HBA’s deliver HighPoint’s Industry-proven RAID Technology, and a comprehensive RAID Management Suite. Customers can quickly and easily configure a wide-range of storage configurations, including RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 and JBOD arrays.

How many SATA ports does rocketraid 642l HBA have?

The RocketRAID 642L HBA features both internal and external 6Gb/s SATA ports and is an ideal HBA platform for applications that require built-in storage expansion capabilities. Both sets of ports provide direct connections for up to 2 SATA hard drives and SSD’s.

What was the first Bradley to be hit by a sabot round?

A A Troop, 4-7thCavalry, Bradley (Bumper # A-24): A-24 was the first Bradley to be hit by a 120mm DU sabot round fired from an Abrams tank.[318]

What was the 100 hour Desert Storm campaign?

TAB H — Friendly-fire Incidents The “100 hour” Desert Storm ground campaign illustrated the ferocity and high tempo of modern warfare. For several days, almost one million Coalition combatants and over ten thousand armored vehicles engaged in intense and sustained combat operations around the clock, often in rainy weather.