Where are the red spots on the body?

Where are the red spots on the body?

It consists of a larger, “mother” patch, accompanied by smaller patches around it. This rash is typically pink or red and may be raised and scaly. Intertrigo is a rash that occurs in the folds of the skin. It usually shows up in the armpits, beneath the breasts, on the torso or the genitals.

Why do I have red spots on my back?

Pityriasis versicolor (Tinea versicolor) Online dermatologist answer Based on the information and images of your back, this is possibly PITYRIASIS VERSICOLOR, fungal infection resulting in white, reddish scaling patches on skin. This is more common in young people, combined with sun exposure. It is not dangerous or contagious.

What causes skin rashes that come and go?

Rashes That Come and Go: 5 Possible Causes and Corresponding Treatments 1 Eczema. 2 Dry Skin Rash. 3 Hives. 4 Skin Fungal Infection Rash. 5 Allergic Skin Rash.

What does it mean when you have a rash on your legs?

Cellulitis causes red, painful, tender, hot, swollen skin and may or may not be accompanied by oozing, blisters, red spots, or skin dimpling. It may spread quickly. While it typically affects the lower legs, it can also occur in the face, arms, and other areas. A severe infection may cause fever, chills, and red streaks.

How do you treat a rash on your back?

Back rashes can be caused by allergies, irritants, dry skin, or some sort of skin condition. The aloe vera plant can be used to treat the redness and inflammation of a rash. Some back rashes can be treated with hydrocortisone cream. A bottle of calamine lotion, which can help with a back rash.

What causes a red itchy rash on the back?

When the itchy rash on back consists of raised itchy bumps that are dark red, the cause could be hives. These are mostly caused by an allergic reaction but could also result from non-allergic causes such as extreme temperatures, friction, sunburns as well as severe exercises.

What causes a burning rash on the back?

Common Causes Of Rash On Lower Back. Causes for back rash include: Contact dermatitis occurs due to an adverse reaction to something that touches your skin – cosmetics, jewelry, detergent, soap or perfume. Other factors include – ivy, an animal bite, or an insect sting. Atopic dermatitis is also a cause.

What causes a back rash?

In other cases, a back rash is the result of dry skin. The skin may be dried out due to high levels of exposure to sunlight, heat, or some dermatological condition.