Which is lower gang stalking or family stalking?

Which is lower gang stalking or family stalking?

Gang Stalking – Any family member who gang stalks another is lower than slime. Every time I read an article on gang stalking that states that our family’s not involved in our gang stalking, I think of how my family’s involved in my stalking. One of my sisters, even recruits people to harass me.

Why do people get blacklisted for gang stalking?

The only difference being there is no apparent reason for the gang stalking target to be blacklisted. The majority of gang stalking targets do not know of any reason why they have been targeted. Perhaps a reason is suggested by who the gang stalkers target. The majority are women.

Who are the gangstalkers and what do they do?

The GANGSTALKERS appear to consist of a network of individuals from different backgrounds who are designated to HARASS a targeted individual across state lines and international borders with different methods.

Can a jilted lover be a gang Stalker?

With regards to Gang Stalking, the abuse is particularly invasive as the victim is not able to distinguish friend from foe. The majority of the population is aware of cases such as “jilted lover as stalker”, and can readily identify key features of such abuse.

Who are the people who do gang stalking?

The practitioners of gang stalking are people who, for the most part, go about their business of daily life appearing like everyone else, except for their activities involved with Gang stalking. Gangstalking activities take priority over everything else in the lives of gangstalkers.

How is gang stalking used in eastern block countries?

In Eastern block countries community orientated policing was used by the police to run communities with an iron fist using intimidation and harassment using police informants. It is this model of policing that many Targeted Individuals have complained that is being abused to recruit informants for use in gang stalking.

When did the first gang stalking programs start?

These gang stalking programs started to appear in the US, UK, and much of Western Europe at around the same time in the 1950’s which would suggest a pre-planned counter intelligence operations by the 1% wealthy elite to curtail dissent and effectively destroy those who had the moral principles to attempt to change society for the better.

Are there any family members who stalk me?

One of my sisters, even recruits people to harass me. When I decided that I’d had enough of Las Vegas, I decided to go back to Florida and find an apartment.