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Which is the correct answer to a question?

Which is the correct answer to a question?

1 a : something spoken or written in reply to a question His answer surprised us. b : a correct response knows the answer. 2 : a reply to a legal charge or suit : plea also : defense. 3 : something done in response or reaction His only answer was to walk out. 4 : a solution of a problem More money is not the answer.

Where does the title’doctor’come from in medicine?

The title Doctor derives from its use for PhD holders; it is therefore entirely appropriate for PhDs to use it. – Jack Aidley Oct 29 ’14 at 13:30 In some countries medical docs use ‘Dr. med’ and other doctors don’t use their title much. – Cape Code Oct 29 ’14 at 13:37

Is it correct to call a PhD holder ” Dr.J”?

But just being an academic allows you to write Dr. (name) XOR (name) PhD. In the US, at least the title doctor doesn’t imply a medical doctor, though it includes that. My students would usually refer to me as Dr. Buffy. Someone not knowing that I hold a doctorate might call me Mr. Buffy, but Dr. Buffy is more specific.

When do you use the marker Dr for a PhD?

The marker Dr. can very often be used as a variant of the post-positioned markers. If both of them are equivalent markers in your country, you can choose either marker to refer to your academic title. These two observations make the suggested name form Dr. Kay Doe, PhD rather ambiguous.

The answers to these questions are generally given in order in the passage, and the correct answer is often a restatement of what is given in the passage. This means that the correct answer often expresses the same idea as what is written in the passage, but the words are not exactly the same.

What is the definition of an unstated detail question?

It is called unstated detail question. This type of questions really means that three of the answers are stated, mentioned, or true in the passage, while one answer is not. Your actual job is to find the three correct answers and then choose the letter of the one remaining answer.

Which is correct in detail or in more detail?

Another answer might less detailed, but get to the point faster. To use the correct adjective with the phrase “in detail” think about fewer vs less in number vs amount – but remember “in detail” means specifically or completely already. Examples: I have read your question and answered it “in detail”.

What is the unstated detail question on TOEFL?

While sometimes you will be asked in the Reading Comprehension section of the TOEFL test to find an answer that is not stated or not mentioned or not true in the passage. It is called unstated detail question.

Which is correct,’answer the question’or’answer to the question?

If “answer” is a noun, “What is your answer to the question?” you need to put the “to” in. Thinking is always good to do. Answer the question is a request/ or order, such as a cop will demand of a suspect. The suspects comment in response to the cop is his answer to the question.

How to use ” could you please answer this question “?

The only major shift in style you might consider is to add a “lemme know” phrase: “Let me know if you have any questions”, or “Let me know if you need any help with this” or some such. – Hot Licks Jun 2 ’17 at 21:36 Note, however, that as a title “Could you please answer this question” sounds like a (rather impolite) demand.

What is the context of ” Tonight I can write “?

Pablo Neruda’s poem “Tonight I Can Write” is about the loss of the speaker’s lover. The poem moves readers through the speaker’s new ability to write about the painful experience of losing his or… What is the context of “Tonight I Can Write”?

When to use ” could you please provide me the details “?

However whether or not you should use please depends on the position you’re in. For example, you wouldn’t tell your boss to give you the details, you would ask for the details. Since this is your boss you would show respect, in which case please would be included in a proper response.