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Who is the best urologist in Utah?

Who is the best urologist in Utah?

Utah Urologists

  • Dr. Michael S. Callister MD.
  • Dr. Curtis M. Campbell MD.
  • Dr. Peter A. Caputo MD. 48 reviews.
  • Dr. Bruce W. Carlin MD. Urology.
  • Dr. Patrick C. Cartwright MD. 17 reviews.
  • Laurie M. Centeno (Lualemaga) PA. Physician Assistant. General Urology PA.
  • Dr. Lynn S. Chidester MD. 179 reviews.
  • Dr. Lane C. Childs MD. 686 reviews.

Who are the best urologists in New Jersey?

All of our physicians are board certified or board eligible, and many are fellowship-trained in specialized areas. Many have been named “ Top Doctors ” in New Jersey. For those in need of compassionate and best-in-class Urology care and treatment, visit New Jersey Urology.

Who is the best urologist in the world?

He received his medical degree from Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and has been in practice for more than 20 years. Urologists specialize in the male and female urinary tract and male reproductive organs. Urologic organs include the kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder, ureters, urethra, testes, epididymis, prostate.

Who are the best doctors in New Jersey?

I went to Doctor Michsel Gartner for a breast augmentation. After our consultation he advised that I would require a lift also. This was to ensure I would have my de… Read Full Review I am a 57 years old female who went to Dr Glenn Gero due to a very bad case of IBS (D) for over 25 years.

Who is the best rheumatologist in New Jersey?

Read Full Review I had lip fillers with Dr. Wise. He is so gentle and listens to your needs Dr. Robert is the best! I came to him with issues revolving negative thoughts that were preventing me from getting a job in the field I was interested in. Two to th…

Who is the best urologist in Ocean County NJ?

While practicing all areas of urology, Dr. Leitner specializes in female urology, urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse. She has been voted, “Nurses Choice Physician of the Year” at Ocean Medical Center. Dr. Leitner grew up in Ocean Township, and now lives in Ocean County with her husband and their two children. Our Physicians

Who is the best urologist in Paterson NJ?

Dr. Safwat Awad is a urologist in Paterson, NJ, and has been in practice more than 20 years. Dr. Andrew Axilrod is a urologist in Somers Point, NJ, and has been in practice more than 20 years.

What kind of Doctor is an urologist?

A urologist is a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the male reproductive system, as well as the urinary tracts of both males and females.