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Why do I feel empty, but not sad?

Why do I feel empty, but not sad?

All of a sudden that thing stopped being there to make you feel that way. And instead of being strong (which sounds easy, but it isn’t) you just started feeling empty. Live your life and deal with whatever makes you feel whatever. Necessity is mother of invention. In onther words – being hungry will te Imagine me asking you that question.

Why do I feel depressed all of a sudden?

What makes diagnosing this complicated is that these needs can sometimes be hidden from the conscious mind, so a person can be depressed because they are lacking something, but at the same time not be aware of what they’re lacking. This can result in the feeling that the depression is misplaced, or came out of nowhere.

Is it normal to feel stuck in life?

One major emphasis that I’d like to make in discussing ways to beat that feeling of “I’m stuck” is that this feeling is extremely normal. We all will experience it at some point or another as we navigate this journey in pursuit of happiness.

How can you tell if someone is depressed?

Depression isn’t about feeling unhappy, it’s feeling you’ll never be happy again,” explains Colin Grange, Psychologist and Clinical Director of Lifeworks. “If you’re feeling low, is it starting to interfere with your day to day life? Are you not doing things that you used to do? Are you losing motivation in and enjoyment of life?

Why do I Feel Like I’m stuck in life?

If you’re tired and dehydrated, it’s only natural to think negative thoughts. The body and the mind are related, and your brain will pull from your physical state to think thoughts that it feels relate to your physical feelings. Let’s move on to the next reason.

Why do people think you are fine when you have depression?

When you’re struggling with depression, most of the time, you know. The problem is, those around you may not. That’s because many of the symptoms of depression are “invisible.” So when depression appears to you, others may still think you’re “fine.” People may feel tired, cancel plans or experience frustration when they are depressed.

When do you Say I don’t feel well?

1. “I don’t feel well.” “It is such a simple and vague statement but can hide so much behind it. I say this when I’m not entirely sure of what I’m feeling, but know my depression and anxiety are acting up worse than usual or if my brain is attacking me.

What happens to your body when you have depression?

People may feel tired, cancel plans or experience frustration when they are depressed. For people who do not have depression, some of these behaviors or comments relating to them may be met with judgment. In an article for the Mighty, contributor Megs Short shared about how her depression has affected her sleep.