Why does my shoulder still hurt three weeks after a fall?

Why does my shoulder still hurt three weeks after a fall?

I’m a 23 year old college student, and I was playing basketball three weeks ago and took a hard fall on my shoulder and hip. Since then, my hip has returned to normal, but my shoulder still has nagging pain. The bruising and swelling have decreased, but the pain persists. I have tried stretches every morning and every night, but to no avail.

How to know if a fall down the stairs is serious?

While some stair falls result in obvious head injuries or hip fractures that necessitate an emergency room visit, it’s sometimes hard to know whether a fall down the stairs is serious enough to require medical attention. After a fall, there are obvious signs that a trip to the emergency department is necessary. Here are some things to look out for:

How did I Fall and broke my shoulder?

As I tried to get my balance, the backpack slid up towards my head and propelled me forward and down—hard. I took the brunt of the fall on my right shoulder, but the worst pain was in the middle of my upper arm. I couldn’t use it to help me get up off the floor.

When to go to the ER after falling down the stairs?

If your fall down the stairs didn’t result in any serious injuries that required a visit to the emergency room, there may still be reasons to follow up with a doctor the next day or in the days or weeks after the incident.

What should I do if I fall on my Shoulder?

Given the hard surface of the basketball court, theoretically you could have suffered a minor fracture of the shoulder joint. This can be detected by simple x-rays that your primary care physician or university health doctor can arrange.

Can a rotator cuff tear cause shoulder pain?

Pain can make it difficult to lift your arm. If you can tolerate the pain and still do not have the strength to actively lift your arm (not using your other arm to do it), then you could have a rotator cuff tear or other structural injury. You notice a clicking or popping sensation deep in the shoulder.

What happens when you fall down the stairs?

I unintentionally decided to miss a step and fall down 7 steps of my staircase. I’m talking the completely unexpected, feet fully kicked out in front of me, landing flat on my body kind of fall. Luckily the stairs were carpeted and I didn’t do any rolling, tumbling or breaking of bones.

What kind of Pain do you get from falling on your shoulder?

I fell on my shoulder… I fell on my shoulder 10 days ago, and have severe pain in my shoulder blade and rib cage at the back, below the shoulder blade. The muscles between the shoulder and elbow are sore, especially at the back.

How does Your Back Hurt after falling down stairs?

Last week I fell from Stairs on my back. It hurt me very hard and I am not able to sit or sleep properly. Although while walking or standing I m not having much of problem. Even when touching or pressing the pain is not their but it is most while sitting or laying down or sleeping.

Are there head injuries from falling down stairs?

There is not any head injury ,or even in the spinal cord region. But most of the pain is around left hand side of the rib near back region. What should be do now?

What happens when you fall and hit your shoulder first?

When you fall and hit the shoulder first, even if you don’t fracture your clavicle, you may dislocate your shoulder. While a dislocated shoulder is easier to treat than a broken collarbone, it still can be excruciating and result in weeks of rest and rehabilitation.