Why was the doctor amazed answer?

Why was the doctor amazed answer?

Answer: because The patient returned with more complaints.

What is the purpose of doctors?

A doctor is a person with extensive knowledge in the domain of medical science, who applies and dedicates his knowledge to identify the medical problem faced by the patient and then uses his skill to prevent or cure it.

What to look for when writing a conclusion?

Look for typos, misspelled words, incorrectly used words, and other errors. Additionally, check that what you’ve written makes sense and accurately reflects your paper. If something doesn’t make sense or your conclusion seems incomplete, revise your conclusion so that your ideas are clear.

Do you have to use the conclusion generator?

The texts you check are not saved in the system or used anywhere for the purposes of third parties. No emails required and the comparable view is available. You can use all types of papers in the conclusion sentence generator and get results in 5 seconds.

What should be included in the conclusion of a thesis?

The conclusion is the very last part of your thesis or dissertation. Its main purposes are to: Clearly state the answer to the main research question; Summarize and reflect on the research; Make recommendations for future work on the topic; Show what new knowledge you have contributed; The conclusion should be concise and engaging.

Why do I need an online conclusion builder?

We have made sure that this is considered in our online conclusion builder. Our service allows you to use it as a guide for any future work. The development has had input from several professional and experienced writers who have offered guidance on what makes the best conclusions.

How to write a conclusion for an introduction?

Model your conclusion based on your introduction. Your conclusion will be different from your introduction, but they will share certain features. For example, you’ll end your introduction with your thesis statement and begin your conclusion by revisiting that thesis.

How does the conclusion generator for an essay work?

How does the conclusion generator work? It is very easy to use our free summarizer, you simply need to copy the text you want to summarize and paste it into the conclusion generator box. Set the number of sentences you want to be in your final paragraph, and summarize your writing in just one click fast and easily!

Which is the direct conclusion of the statement?

Explanation − Now just look at the statement which tells that the Ram is the only son of their parents. This means that he has obviously no brothers. So the direct conclusion is I. On the other hand, we do not have any idea about the sister of the Ram. Hence II conclusion may or may not be true. So the answer is option A.

What should be the output of the input?

So, the answer to the input “74 32 45 90 21 77 80 82” will be as follows: Step 6, being the final step. Now, moving to a bit complex input-output question, comprising both numbers and words. Step 5, is the last step. Based on the above Input, what will be the Output of the following information?