Why would a doctor send you for a chest X-ray?

Why would a doctor send you for a chest X-ray?

You may need a chest X-ray if it is suspected that you have any of the following: Enlarged heart which can mean you have a congenital heart defect or cardiomyopathy. Fluid in the space between your lungs and your chest wall (pleural effusion) Pneumonia or another lung problem.

How long do chest X-ray results take?

Chest X-rays are quick, noninvasive tests. Usually, you will know the results of your X-ray within one to two days.

When does a doctor order a chest X-ray?

If you are experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, chronic mucus production, etc. then your physician may order a chest x-ray. If the x-ray is abnormal or the physician sees something in the x-ray, then they might order a CT scan or even a PET scan to further diagnose what showed up on the x-ray.

Is it possible to have a clear chest X-ray?

Different doctor. Chest clear. Costochondritis. Pain in chest is inflammation. But sent for a chest X-ray to be sure no underlying issues or swollen lymph glands. Just called at my surgery – chest X-ray is clear, no action required. But still coughing. My chest is clear. X-ray was clear. I’m not coughing all of the time.

Why do I need a chest X-ray after an accident?

Chest X-rays can also determine if you have fluid in your lungs, or fluid or air surrounding your lungs. Your doctor could order a chest X-ray for a variety of reasons, including to assess injuries resulting from an accident or to monitor the progression of a disease, such as cystic fibrosis. You might also need a chest X-ray if you go to …

What should I take after a chest xray?

My chest specialist prescribed cocodamol and also prednisolone, so you could ask your doctor about that. You should hopefully hear back very quickly if the chest X-ray showed anything suspicious. I got a phone call the next day from the GP surgery and was asked to go in ASAP.

What does a doctor do after a chest X-ray?

A radiologist also goes over the images and gives your doctor their interpretation. Your doctor will discuss the results of your X-ray with you at a follow-up appointment.

How does a chest X ray machine work?

The X-ray machine will be placed at least 15 inches away from you. It will then produce a beam of radiation that will pass through your body and record an image on the film. For a chest X-ray, two views of the chest are captured; the back and side.

How are chest X-rays used to diagnose disease?

An X-ray is an imaging test that uses small amounts of radiation to produce pictures of the organs, tissues, and bones of the body. When focused on the chest, it can help spot abnormalities or diseases of the airways, blood vessels, bones, heart, and lungs. Chest X-rays can also determine if you have fluid in your lungs,…

Do you have to hold your breath for chest X-ray?

The X-ray technician will tell you how to stand and will record both front and side views of your chest. While the images are taken, you’ll need to hold your breath so that your chest stays completely still. If you move, the images might turn out blurry.